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    What do you think – was it 10/10 ticked every box or was it 0/10 and didn’t deliver on any level. Somewhere in between I guess, what do you think?

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    The best Royal Ascot I have ever seen, it had everything. 10/10


    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    Everything seemed perfect with fantastic racing making the right headlines. If you don’t give them 10/10 now, then you might never give it to them in this lifetime.
    Anyone who doesn’t get infected with horse racing bug after this, shouldn’t be watching sports at all.

    Paul Atreides
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    Yes 10/10, though I only really watched the races not much interested in the rest.

    Entire meeting on ITV cannot ask for much more than that.

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    Don’t agree with that chaps, Royal Ascot for me is a meeting to bask in the sunshine and races run on fast ground. The constant changes to forecast, rain to dampen the spirit and going changes throughout the day made profiting a big challenge and affected the enjoyment of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday. The lack of International winners was a disappointment, in fact baring Wesley Ward there were no other decent horses coming from far. Locally,
    the French challenge was feeble again (except Watch Me obviously) and the general quality was below par I would say. Every year Royal Ascot is amazing and I really enjoyed the week don’t get me wrong but 10/10?! No chance. 6/10 for me at best. A lot of fun with Frankie on Thursday obviously and a deserved win for Hayley Turner but ultimately there was a distinct lack of romance and/or quality in the winners generally I thought. Only 2 favs went in on the first 3 days, so 10/10 for bookies maybe!

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    I have nothing to compare it to as I’ve never watched the whole thing before but I was hooked. The TRF Ascot competition makes it more fun for me as I had to look up some form for the likes of sprint handicaps and 2yo races in which I would otherwise have no interest and hadn’t heard of any of the horses before. Once you start investigating and then try to keep eyes on all the horses you’re interested in as they spring out of the stalls it gets addictive.

    The coverage was OK too. Ed Chamberlain’s relief at getting some of his beloved “narrative” was obvious (Frankie’s four; Stradivarius standing in as The People’s Horse while Tiger Roll is on his summer holidays and sticking to the script; Hayley Turner winning; the Kiwi trainer.)
    Had to laugh at that interview:
    Rishi: Is the dream going to come true this afternoon?
    Kiwi cancer bloke: No.

    Good competitive racing made it I think; Coolmore didn’t have it all their own way.

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    Needed a royal winner to make it a 10/10, but overall pretty good. ITV coverage vastly improved by Matt Chapman being absent for most of it!

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    I would go along with most of your post Frenchy, particularly on the lack of romance. It was sadly lacking a bit of romance, but I think what we did see were some very good winners, with some of the 2yo’s particularly promising.

    I can’t recall a Royal Ascot that I didn’t enjoy, but it wasn’t close to a 10/10.

    I was there from Tuesday to Thursday, and The Gold Cup was a very special moment, but that aside, it was more or less like any other time that I’ve been there. I would say that the atmosphere on Tuesday was a little more subdued than on previous visits.

    It was quite simply another Royal Ascot to remember, but it was a 6 out of 10 for me too.

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    I think you’re right Kris, there were some good 2 year old winners but I hope they can go on and make high quality 3 year olds. This years 3 year old crop promised so much at 2 but for one thing or another it’s not quite happened. Ultimately I can’t recall an Ascot I didn’t enjoy is it in a nutshell. They market it now as “like nowhere else” and really that is not even over marketing it. For anyone with interest in the sport that’s never been, you simply have to get yourself there to experience it. It has everything. The Tuesday is my favourite day of the racing calendar and the weather spoilt it a bit this year, but otherwise it’s a sensational start to the week and it’s normally the best day from a purist point of view as the atmosphere is just a bit more geared towards the racing I feel. There’s also normally less people being a Tuesday which makes it more comfortable. For racing fans we normally get 1 or 2 high quality races a weekend, sometimes more, but sometimes even less. At Ascot it’s 30 in a row over 5 days, bang bang bang! It’s fast and intense, the minute you’ve finished studying one race, it’s over and you’re onto the next. The minute ITV finish celebrating one winner, it’s over and onto the next. It’s really incredible racing quality. Then throw in that the course is amazing, the huge part the royals have to play, the bandstand and the fashion and you have such a quintessential British Day, stooped in history. The Queen Anne was first raced up the same straight mile in 1840 and kicks off the week and it just goes on from there. Even if you’re not into fashion and I’m not particularly, you can just walk around RA looking at what people are wearing and what styles they’ve gone for, it is a seriously dress up day for sure! Some of the people in the Royal Enclosure look like (and probably are!) from a different world to what most of us live in! Last mention to ITV whose coverage is outstanding, I watched every day that I wasn’t there and it’s the next best thing. Even Matt Chapman has grown on me. Why I feel ITV coverage is so good is that each presentor has their own personality and their own style and coming together they all compliment each other marvellously. I do even think Matt Chapman has his part to play in that as the cocky over bravado odds man, for the reason that not only does he inject a lot of energy into the show that also underneath all the bravado he talks a lot of sense and is undeniably entertaining to watch! He’s noticeably dropped a lot of the stupid controversial comments he was making initially with the show and I think he’s really grown into it now actually. I missed him not being there more in fact!

    Oh and yes the kiwi cancer bloke! How amazing and inspiring was he!!

    Bachelors HallBachelors Hall
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    As someone who gets absolutely nothing from superficial pomp, a meeting where neither obstacles are jumped nor the classic generation face the old guard will have to be truly exceptional to get a 10/10 from me.

    I was happy to see Lord Glitters take a Group One for an up and coming Northern base and it’s good that the sprint and staying divisions have strong leaders. But otherwise, I can’t think anything else particularly compelling. There were no exceptional equine performances or epic battles, international competition was thin on the ground and the classic milers looked very average. Insofar as jockeys are concerned, I’m not a devotee of the Dettori cult and Hayley Turner winning the weakest handicap of the week should be quietly ignored lest it highlight how few opportunities female jockeys actually get on the flat.

    When compared to all racing festivals 3.75/10
    When compared to other Royal Ascots 6.5/10

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    No deaths is the massive plus. Does make easier watching than NH these days in this regard.

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