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    Just read Persian Punch "the authorised tribute", very enjoyable book an brought back memories of the people’s horse.

    Anybody else read it and does anybody have anything to say about Persian Punch, memories etc?

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    I love his statue at the Rowley Mile just outside the Annual Member’s bar. Remember this area used to be the old winner’s enclosure and it is a fitting tribute to the wonderful old boy.

    On a similar note how sad that we recently lost Ron Sheather who, as well as training horses like Chief Singer, managed Jeff Smith’s horses like Lochsong and Persian Punch. A terrific chap and good friend to many.

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    I was in Ireland when I heard of his death and couldn’t believe it; I’m so relieved that I wasn’t actually watching the racing on the day that he died, because, win or lose, I usually ended up in tears when he ran. I always listen to the Melbourne Cup on the radio, and can still remember listening to it when he ran there;I’d had a small bet on him [did he come third or fourth? I think it was the latter]. I’m not sure what made me love the horse so probably started with the fact that David Elsworth trained him and, as someone that has always preferred the jumps [and being totally besotted with Dessie] I just took an interest in him. He always tried so hard, it broke your heart..and then it broke his. A truly wonderful horse.

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    Yes, I was in Australia watching him in the Melbourne Cup when he finished 3rd to Ethereal. Made you proud to cheer him home! Probably one of the toughest horses we’ll ever see, with 20 wins to his name. Still sadly missed, and fondly remembered.

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    I was there the day he died and was heartbroken. A friend had always been a fan but it wasn’t until the Arc meeting of 2000 that I saw him and fell in love with him. He wa a magnificent looking animal with the heart of an ox and the courage of a medival knight. I can still see him stumbling as he went down if I think about it. Many were in tears at Ascot, they couldn’t believe it. Through the years I got to know ‘Dickie’ his groom a little and still chat to him to this day if I see him. He looked after him for nine years and still misses him. Apart from all his other races I was able to see, he gave me one of my greatest days in my life at a race course at Newmarket in the Champions Meeting of 2003. If you haven’t seen it and get the chance, watch a recording of that race. And then watch it again. He looked out of it, and then he just started to lengthen. The crowd sensed it and started to roar. I have never heard a race crowd, particularly at Newmarket, be as impassioned as that day. Everyone was screaming at him. Everyone. In the final strides you can see Martin Dwyer pushing his head down shouting at him ‘go on, go on’. You can almost see Punch’s face saying, ‘I know where the line is, don’t panic!’ It was an awesome race. Still makes me cry every time I see it. The next April at Ascot, it was a horrible day, he didn’t look great, he wasn’t fond of Ascot but everyone knew that. I tried to take a picture of him in the pre parade ring and my camera didn’t work.
    For a couple of years after I couldn’t believe he wasn’t showing up for the stayers’ races. Still miss him. Wish he had had a retirement and been able to show up at great meetings for people to see him as Dessie did for so many years. Martin Dwyer said he was dead as soon as he hit the ground. I do hope he didn’t suffer in any way. A fabulous horse who left some wonderful memories.

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    Great post LD says it all. Funny enough I just watched the race 3 or 4 days ago and did watch itt gain. Unbeliveable that day he was the first beat..or so they thought :wink: Heart of a lion and unforgettable.

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    Failed to notice this thread before.

    Persian Punch was one of the toughest horses I’ve ever seen and rightly made it into Jim McGrath’s Top 20 this week.

    Persian Punch: The Authorised Tribute by Lee Mottershead, is a great read and the final paragraph really conjures up the most wonderful image.

    A fitting tribute to a great horse.

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    I was there too and it was the first time I’ve seen grown men cry over a race horse, but we all have our favourites and others I’ve liked more. Great horse, but just a race horse to me, others I really followed and they won a fraction of what PP did but they meant more, at their levels.

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