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    peter .h
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    Put down at the age of 25 due to the infirmities of old age.

    Very sad loss and one of my favourite Grand National winners.

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    I’m a bit lost for words at the news; he’s on the front page of my History of the Grand National book which is on the desk next to me. A good age, and he’s obviously had a lovely retirement, but sad to hear all the same. R.I.P Party Politics, even though I was the only person in the country not to back you that year. Only seems like yesterday….

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    Loved that horse to absolute bits and it is saddening to know he has passed away but i’m also very thankful that he had the long and richly deserved retirement that was his due. Sleep well big lad.

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    One of my favourites. Very sad news.

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    Saw him parade at the Lambourn Open Day and at Nick Gaselee’s yard. He hauled his handler round the parade like a youngster. Great to see him and happy memories. Sad at his passing.

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    I cant believe I shall never see him again carting his handler round the parade ring at Aintree in the parade of champions. Rest in peace big man.

    % MAN
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    Built like the proverbial brick outhouse – a massive horse both in stature and attitude.

    I suppose with his name it was his destiny to win the National he did – hard to believe it was 17 years ago.

    It is sad when these old favourites depart but he had a good life and lived to a decent age.

    Peter Poston’s Ghost
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    Wonderful horse.

    So sad to see him go.

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    One of my favourite horses as well – though I don’t think I ever backed him when he won.
    Didn’t bet anything in the race that year, as I was just about to go on holiday (saw Arazi run at Saint-Cloud three days later).
    Kicked myself – the point being that he was too big to fall, although he fell in his last race.
    Saw the General Election results on Sky satellite in Budapest. Was totally unaware of the Sheffield Rally or the Sun headline, though the latter wasn’t a surprise.
    Worked for MORI at the time, and when I returned to work a fortnight later it was pandemonium, with the post mortem of how come the poll predictions were so out, etc.

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    Lovely horse.

    Awful news.


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    I didn’t realise that the big horse was going even better in the following years Grand National which was unfortunately the void race….he would have been up there amongst the legends of the race if he’d won.

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    :cry: missed this, so shocked how sad, rip party politics, a grand horse, i will never forget

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