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    I was amused by comments made by Ted Walsh, attributed to  A E Lynch (jockey of Jim), after the 17f G1 Chase won by Nickname on Wednesday.

    Basically, according to the celebrated pundit, the jockey intimated that he was under "strict instructions from the owner" to take the lead in the race and once Central House had challenged, had therefore no option but to increase the pace, to, hopefully was clear, the detriment of the horse’s chances in the race.

    We have also seen with horse’s like Flagship Uberalles and, perhaps, Iris’ Gift, high-class horses whose owners have either demanded unrealistic expectations from their trainer/jockeys and/or have continued against the popular conceptions of the general public as to the entries of their horses.

    How "involved" should owners be in the career of their steeds? Should it be a healthy consultation with the trainer, or, as the horse is their property and the trainer an employee (of sorts, or at least a service provider) does "carte blanche" apply.

    Should it descend to jockeys’ instructions?

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    The owner pays the bills it’s his / her horse so basically what the owner says goes. Who the owner decides to consult / leave decisions to it up to themselves.

    Ideally there should be discussions involving certainly the trainer and possibly the jockey in some cases and I’m sure in most cases there are. However if the owner insists they run at Newbury on Saturday then they run at Newbury on Saturday.

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    iris’s gift?? beleive what u want to, but it was jonjo and the team at jackdaw’s who decided where to run. dad would admit to anybody that he knows nothing about training horses. he and jonjo have been mates for over 20 years, and whatever jonjo wanted to do happened. we never even knew where IG was running until the entries. why would you pay somebody about 2 grand a month and then try to do their job for them? mr lester snr may be guilty of being a bit publicity happy, and giving a story to the racing post or any reporter who phoned him. but telling jonjo how to do his job, no i don’t think so.

    ‘ted’ was always a people’s horse, and the public latched onto him right from the early days. maybe because he’s a grey, and maybe because it was a small owner taking on the big boys and regularly beating them. would you all rather have the secrecy that surrounds certain horses, or somebody who keeps the public informed?

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