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    I appreciate that most his interviews are a complete waste of time but if someone is trying to interview you for live TV either politely decline the interview or stop texting.

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    I thought it made the moment when he said he was texting his Mum!

    And there was me thinking all those years he was texting Magnier or Smith (or Dillon) when actually it’s been his dear old Ma all along!

    Seriously, you do get the impression that everything they do they do as a family which, in these days where commerce rules all, and given they operate for the world’s leading high-stakes bloodstock traders, is most refeshing.

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    Looked like he was texting or whatever first to me, if they wish to interrupt him for a live interview then maybe they and you have to put up with it.

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    He’s a quirky individual who seems not to enjoy talking about his personal life. He was having a very emotional moment as a trainer and a father, so I actually expected him to cut the interview short or take the mobile phone out… it put a smile on my face to just see him being him.

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    Most people would have said Hi Mum through the interview. I am sure his Mum was watching.Throw away that mobile phone, it screws up relationships.Surely being part of a professional operation requires some PR.I believe that Joseph as assistant trainer could bring more harmony than Joseph as putative first jockey.Jockeys like Moore only have to talk to Murtagh to realise how difficult it is to ride as first jockey for Ballydoyle while Joseph is lurking in the shadows.

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    probably one of his proudest moments since he started training, not had many Breeders Cup winners, taken a lot of criticism in the US, brave enough to put his son on board (who is an excellent rider in his own right) who may not have the chance to ride on the flat much longer.

    Aidan was perfectly within his rights to enjoy that moment with his family, and not have to bow to this modern age of reality TV and intrusive media.

    The interviewer could have at least asked him if he was ok to talk first.

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    If Coolmore had any real interest in promoting the sport they’d have appointed a Simon Crisford type years ago.

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    AOB’s sunglasses are probably as close to a Marlene Deitrich "I want to be alone" subliminal message as you can get.

    Those in the public eye these days are expected to be all things to all men: it would probably add to the Coolmore allure if he simply declared a JD Salinger policy of not speaking to the press. It’s not as if he ever tells you much.

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.

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    I thought it was sweet.

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    I didn’t see it, but I’m more interested in how good a trainer Aidan O’Brien is rather than how good he is at PR.

    Having worked in politics (and PR!) for some time, I’ve met too many PR types who, to be frank, I just can’t trust.

    Not to say that all those good at PR are untrustworthy, but those who are excellent at their job and provide excellent PR for their sport/industry (such as Frankie Dettori for example), are rare. I guess they are lucky to be multi talented!

    Then again, there is also a matter of manners and politeness and obvious distraction during an interview that is being broadcast around the world. It just looks rude more than anything else – but then again I didn’t see the interview so can’t properly judge.

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    Had AOB started texting during an interview it would’ve been rude.

    But as he was already texting when the interviewer broke in, it was if anything the interviewer at fault (imo).

    value is everything
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    To be fair, both the interviewer and Aidan seemed to be quite relaxed about the situation so I’m not sure what the fuss is about.

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    every single race he’s on the phone to his parents, why dont he just take the f**ckers with him to the races.

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    I definitely forgive this one. His was texting his old mum for gods sake!

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    I definitely forgive this one. His was texting his old mum for gods sake!

    Hear hear.

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