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    lollys mate
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    Could this be a step in the right direction for freedom of speech. If Hamza can do his stuff, then, is it okay for the likes of Griffin do do his stuff? I dont know.

    As much as I dislike the BNP. I feel that their like must be able to express views as much as the next person. Militants, right/left wing, Muslims and all other religions. Say it as you see it.

    Opinions are good in my view!

    But if he it totally cleared, will this bring more racial tension to our streets than there is at the moment.

    Could this be the deciding factor?

    <br> Your views please.

    ricky lake
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    he was right

    hurrah for justice


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    I’m confused.<br>How come there is to be a re-trial?  Surely it cannot be for the same as to what he has just been found not guilty of?

    Can someone clear that up fo me?

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    Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense?

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    On a related topic, this thing about the Mohammed cartoon is bugging me.

    Does the words "if you don’t like it, hit the off button" mean anything to these whiners?

    I’m really tired of having other people’s religions shoved in front of me as though I should give a s**t

    I mean, surely there’s some sport on a Sunday that the Beeb could show instead of the Jesus McChurchy s**t

    Maybe a weekly international racing round up programme?

    I’ve got nothing against christians but, they’re an over- catered for minority.

    I didn’t grow up with religion and got banned from Religious Education aged 12 so I’m no expert, but I would have thought that any "true believers" would actually make the effort to get off their arses and go to church on a Sunday, rather than just sit and watch it on the sofa.

    Cheesus H Rice!


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    Totally agree Steve, freedom of speech? I’m sure these protestors say much the same thing about other religions

    dave jay
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    I reckon everyone should have their say, no matter what it is that they want to say.

    Hamza and Griffin are included ..

    What Hamza and Griffin actually did say is a bit of a mystery  to me, obviously their words would be too influencial on my little brian and I would either start wearing rags and want to blow myself up or get myself a cheap suit and start talking bollox. I could end up with a cause !!

    Political censorship, which is what it is, is bad, considering that the people who are in charge of the censors are murdering super gangstas, who want to move as quickly as possible to a Big Brother style society.

    Kids who are lippy in school and won’t do as they’re told are not called rebels anymore. They now have a thing called ADD, Authority Defiance Disorder .. this means that when someone doesn’t want to obey authority they actually have a mental condition, an illness. So if anyone disagrees with the government, they don’t only disagree they are in actual fact quite sick … and shouldn’t be at large. The Stazi used to do the very same thing.<br>

    lollys mate
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    Gh.<br> You must get out more.

    Griffin might have said that Islam is a vicious and evil faith, but can you give one example, without your "spin" and tell the rest of us what positives Islam has brought to this or other countries. <br> You say that "both" are full of poison! Only one has been proved right so far.???<br> Hamza’s real aim is to influence the young to work against the likes of us. Griffin only tells of his experiences. (That now, are proved). All Hamza can promote is the likes of a ficticious book. There are no facts. But would I be allowed to preach that? I think not.<br> Would we be allowed to burn the flag of Islam on our street without any complaints? I think not.

    Why not, when the others can?

    I want simple positives. NO SPIN!

    Anyway thats not my point. This thread was "only" about Griffin and what Griffin was taken to court about.

    Looks like he was right. No evidence was found to discredit the man.

    Hamza looks like he’s going down for a very long time.


    <br> Razzie.

    I want things to be fair and right. If there was a "fair and right" party, I would stand for them.<br> I dont like this one sided "lets give it all to the extremist" thing.

    These extremists want to take over and will only be happy when they do! (And they will). You thought Hitler was bad? Mohamed is like his bigger badder brother!

    (Edited by lollys mate at 9:01 pm on Feb. 3, 2006)

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    I remember an episode of the Simpsons where Bart gave the pope a wedgie.

    I don’t remember catholics around the world threaten to destroy the US as a result.

    If I was to say here that Mohammed sucked donkey cock, would TRF then become a terrorist target?

    It’s all very stupid.

    Also, all the TV needs is one arsehole to say each of those things PS quoted and a handful of knobjockeys to turn up and vandalise the Danish embassy.

    It’s a handful of people, not the muslim world that have reacted to this.

    The world is, as Bill Hicks once said:

    "kowtowing to special-interest groups, to some guy in a trailer with a ****
    in’ crayon in his hand, writing in chicken scrawl: I saw a guy talkin’ bad ‘bout Jesus on your show . I ain’t gonna tune in no mo’. Come on!

    The truth is, the majority of people are very reasonable. They don’t write letters when something offends them on TV. ‘Cause reasonable people know that IT’S JUST ****
    IN’ TELEVISION! And not only that, reasonable people HAVE A LIFE!"


    dave jay
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    I also believe that the Muslim countries around the world which house these 1 billion souls are perhaps the worst countries to live in on the planet, especially if your a woman. It can’t all be down to a lunatic fringe GH, surely ?


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    are perhaps the worst countries to live in

    Syria can’t be too bad to live in.

    After all, the biggest problem a few thousand of them have is that they don’t like a cartoon.


    dave jay
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    Syria is fine ..

    right ?

    .. they torture folk every now and then, but by and large not too bad.

    I think that is the whole problem GH .. it isn’t in the our psyche to accept that people have no control over their destiny.

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    Grasshopper for Pope :notworthy:

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    Jack Straw’s comments will have nothing whatsoever to do with his Blackburn constituency having a large Muslim population would it?

    lollys mate
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    Your family sounds lovely.

    I played golf yesterday with 2 muslims, 1 was a doctor and the other a pharmesist. Both were very nice polite people. But both condemned any of the flag burning or the poster carriers or the ones who set alight to the Embassy.

    And this is where you try and spin it around again. I dont dislike muslims. I dislike the people who cannot accept that there is freedom of speach. That is what this thread was meant to be about. But as per usuall you spin it around because you have no real argument.

    I mentioned extremists. not muslims. Not all muslims are terrorists. But most terrorists are muslim. That is a fact you might not want to accept.

    The danish cartoon was just that. A cartoon.

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