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New Q&A – Mark Coton and David Myers

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    I’m delighted to offer the opportunity for everyone to pitch questions to Mark Coton and David Myers.

    Mark and David have combined to launch a new betting advisory service for which details are available at That service has just been launched this week so it seemed like an opportune time to approach the pair about doing a Q&A to which they agreed.

    Mark Coton will be familiar to most of you as the founding ‘PRICEWISE’ columnist in the Racing Post. It was his rem,arkable success that set that column on its way and, of course, it remains one of the most influential tipping columns in racing.

    Mark worked at Trainers Record and Ladbrokes before joining the Racing Post prior to its launch in 1986. Within a year he had devised and launched the Pricewise tipping column in the paper.

    He left the Racing Post at the end of 1989 to pursue other interests, though continued to work for the paper on a freelance basis.

    He was editor of Raceform on Saturday for two years from 2000.
    For the last nine years he has answered a long-held call to live in west Cornwall, though has retained a keen interest in the sport, latterly writing a monthly column for Racing Ahead magazine.

    He is currently planning to relocate and return to racecourse betting.

    David Myers started out at the Racing Post in 1996 before fulfilling an ambition to bet for a living in 1999.

    Those experiences were shared with readers of Racing Ahead magazine from 2004, while a year later, he pulled up a chair at the Guardian racing desk until 2009.

    During an enjoyable five-year stay at the Guardian, he also penned three Racing Trends books.

    He is currently a freelance writer, and produces columns for both the Racing & Football Outlook and At The Races.

    [b:3eha8tg1]All questions welcome, I’m sure there will be lots of aspects of the experiences of these two that will be of interest.

    Just post your Q’s on this thread and, in a week’s time, we’ll close the questions and send them to the two lads for a response.[/b:3eha8tg1]

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    Heavens above, to the uninitiated this could look like spamming an unproven and un-proofed tipping line, something that forums generally look very poorly upon!

    What is TRF coming to and how much would it cost to do mine in the new year?

    [This opinion is not necessarily mine and shouldn’t be taken personally]

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    It might be viewed that way SB if it was just an advert but Mark and David are providing something back to us (in the form of answering our Q’s) so I’m more than happy to provide a little PR for their new enterprise.

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    1) why did mark coton appear to ‘drop out’ of the racing scene?

    2) Apart from the obvious changes brought about by time, is there anything Mark would remove from a 2012 revision of Value Betting and 100 Tips?

    3) As per Radio 4’s I’m Sorry, I Haven’t a Clue, Mark Coton, you have two minutes to hold forth on Betfair, good and bad. . .

    4) How long will your advisory service last if it is successful?

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    I am writing on behalf of Joe Punter
    and the name Mark Coton takes me back
    back in time and connects with others..

    Alex Bird whose 20k wager on Dancing Brave
    was spilled on the hill.

    James Willoughby’s monumental speed ratings

    Henry Rix got a lot of the bookies in a fix
    back then and although I have never used tipsters
    I couldn’t help notice he was in a separate league.
    He has a service now about 1k a year

    Paul Cooper who attacked Ladbrokes consistently
    on tricasts until they got wise. Stung them for
    about 400k and bought a nice flat in Westminster
    overlooking the Thames. Set up a service called Phonaview
    – doubt it is still going but there is a domain name
    paulcooperacing so maybe he’s wanting to get back
    on a service

    Then of course the unforgettable Mark Coton,
    unforgettable for me not for his undoubted prowess as
    a tipster but for the public way he dealt with
    was it a 24 or a 28 losing run ? I thought it was
    an admirable decision to defect away from racing.
    and your comment that there is more to life than
    horse racing seemed such a breath of fresh air
    back then.

    Well of course my question Mark is was it 24 or 28 ?
    and despite Betfair’s old figure of 0.71% earning over 15k
    (forgetting to add most were probably traders)
    my supplementary is -and particularly now that Betfair have moved the goalposts -…Would you advise anyone to spend serious time seriously trying to find an angle in the jungle of information out there, or is their time better employed in finding an easier earning stream, or possibly going down the route yourself and David have of setting up a service ?

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    I’ve sent the Q’s already Gamble but I’ll pop yours along and see what happens.

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    He wears a mac
    and is so used to his bets being cut
    and his internet account being ruthlessly
    He wears a beard now and tries hard to keep
    Not wearing it well, so often mistaken for Rachel Hunter, and then he
    Off with the wig’n so obvious he’s one of The Faces, surgery has made
    NO not Hunter but Joe PUNTER

    …and all I needed was a helping hand
    and you turned into a governor
    and all you did was WRECK MY BETS

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    The above post may look like
    a personal attack on David Cormack
    but in fact it is an attack on
    the business minds that chip away at Joe unfairly

    I do challenge David Cormack on occasion
    in the quiet sanctuary of the lounge, and
    in the same challenging manner
    that I probed Daylight before him.
    I like to play chess with human beings
    and it is for the greater good of all
    that on occasion I win. :mrgreen:
    It is true that I often lose my
    spirit of merriment in the process
    but blood gels better and whips outsell
    an old wife’s tale of batter’n’quips.

    The edit in the last post
    was not substance but an erroneous word
    and has made a first class fool out of me
    and has rather ruined my night !
    Although powerless to remove it
    I can dull its effect by pouring myself
    something that may dull the memory before
    shifting my question mark frame onto a
    soft blue mattress and unfurling it into sleep

    I’ll get back home one of these days

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