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    Can only agree with the sentiments of the previous posters. While the rest of us wonder "Can anything beat Kauto Star" a child and his mother are spending their first Christmas without their father and partner.

    Rather than waste £20 on the KGVI are you better off spending it here<br>

    Happy Jack
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    A touching thread, thanks zilzal.

    I’m sure Craig would be proud of the way that Cormack has maintained this forum’s position as the number one horse racing website in the whole of cyberspace.

    Debs & Luke are foremost in myself & Sal’s thoughts at the moment as I am sure they are with many other people on here.

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    A pleasing thread, the thoughts of which I can only echo.

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    Nothing to add but whole-hearted agreement.

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    I know I’ve certainly owed a lot to this forum over the years, so to see it maintained so well is a wonderful thing.

    All the best to Debs and heres to another good year for the forum. Thanks Corm. :)

    Grey Desire
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    There was a thread on Final Furlong recently entitled High &  Lows of 2006 and this is pretty much what I posted:-

    ‘Nothing can compare with the loss of Craig (Daylight).<br>Some six months after his passing and I still can’t believe it,he did so much for a lot of us.<br>His tireless work on TRF and with the syndicate (despite having to put up with a lot of s**t
    (scuse my french) from certain quarters as all moderators do).<br>Most of all though he was a bloody decent bloke who would do anything to help if he could.<br>Fortunately both are still going strong and when Taj wins there probably won’t be a dry eye in the house (well there won’t be here anyway)’.

    Like the others I’ll be thinking of Debs,Luke and the rest of the family at this time.

    And cheers to Corm for his sterling work since taking over.

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    dito to the above ziz

    Racing Daily
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    A pleasing thread :)<br>Ditto to the previous comments.

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    2006 –  the year of Daylight and of Corm.

    <br>best regards


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    I agree with all the above put much more eloquently than I could.

    Andrew Hughes
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    Not sure I’m going to have the chance to get on before tomorrow, so I’d like to wish all forumites a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

    Enjoy yourselves with abandon

    The Market Man
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Fill yer boots Boxing Day. ;)

    barry dennis
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    bah humbug

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    Whats wrong Barry? Did you have to payout to a lot of punters yesterday?:biggrin:

    Jim JTS
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    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all on the Racing Forum.

    Oh, and you too Barry :biggrin:


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