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McManus the kiss of death again?

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    His purchases have looked poorer and poorer value in recent seasons. It’s just as well he doesn’t need to make it pay. I bet you’re looking at over a million for Hobbs Hill and Binocular alone.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    His purchases have looked poorer and poorer value in recent seasons. It’s just as well he doesn’t need to make it pay. I bet you’re looking at over a million for Hobbs Hill and Binocular alone.

    Answer me honestly Carvills if you were worth what JP was worth and spending 1 million was the equivilant to us spending 10 quid. Would you hesite to spend the money it cost him to buy perfectly good horses like those?

    I would be trying to Buy Kauto Star and Denman and stuff what anyone thought.

    The value JP gets is he buys 10 and gets one good one which maybe is good enought to go to his favourite hunting ground and punt the hell out of it.

    I would buy 100 horses if I thought one of them could win the Champion Hurdle or the Gold Cup.

    The man loves his racing and is in a position to buy what he likes..lucky mofo.

    Probably if he had 100 horses and you picked 100 owners names out of a hat he’s probably had more winners per horse than them by a long way because he can be a bit choosier

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    Rather unfortunate choice of title for the thread, given that Hobbs Hill was only for sale due to the untimely death of his original owner.


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    Indeed, Alan.

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    Kwai Chang Caine

    You are some clown

    You say that "in the main everytime he buys a high profile jumper (presumably for a small fortune) it goes pear shaped". Of course Baracouda fitted under that banner.

    He has the joint favourite for the Supreme, the fav for the Sun Alliance and the favourite for the Triumph. Obviously dreadful purchases as why would you want to have leading contenders in the 3 novice hurdle races for the fesitval??

    He has horses with over 2 dozen trainers in Ireland who he has loyally stood by and, in addition to his operation at Jackdaws, he has invested his money in a number of yards, and with none that he was under obligation to do so.

    Maybe he should pull the plug on his equine interests altogether and then see if you would be so quick to potificate about the folly of his investment in racing.

    For such a highly successful individual he is extremely humble and for you to state "hasn’t he got any shame left" is not only risible but is somewhat rich coming from you, considering your somewhat misguided efforts on here hitherto to stir up controversy.

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    Your not worthy to even walk in the shadow of JP McManus.

    Sean Rua
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    Another ridiculous thread based on a personal attack on a man, who, not only has done so much for the racing game, but is a decent guy too!

    Now look what you made me do: I’ve been sucked in to what will probably be yet another of the pointless slanging matches that sensible folk know we don’t need!

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    Quote from Carvills – "His purchases have looked poorer and poorer value in recent seasons"

    Depends what you mean by ‘value’. As anyone will tell you, and as I am sure you know, buying horses is an inexact science. In addition it follows, roughly, that the better prospects cost more money. JP buys what he considers to be the best prospects and has to pay the going rate. He buys plenty good horses and has plenty good winners.

    Regarding the thread itself – pretty sure it was another of KCC’s wind-up threads which I’ve now, along with almost everyone else, had enough of. ‘Clown’ was right ratpack.

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    Out of all of the ‘big’ owners in the game, JP has always seemed one of the most in touch with the public – I don’t mean he lets people on gambles btw!

    I’m not Irish and I don’t care about the GB v Ireland nonsense at the Festival, but seeing those colours on a well backed jolly is a part of Cheltenham for me.

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    He also takes really good care of his retired horses…

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Well, this season alone he has aqquired Alan King, David Pipe, and Charlie Egerton as trainers, alongside standing one’s such as Nicky Henderson, Jonjo O Neil and Philip Hobbs. Me thinkz JP might be trying a new approach? Personally, as a punter it’s infuriating at how they’ve not managed to get things right at Jackdaws Castle, so how it must make him feel i’ll never know.

    Marb a few people seem upset with Kwai’s thread me on the otherhand find your post is more deserving of the word used.

    Time after time I read posts directed at Jonjo O’neill and how useless he is.

    What do you reckon is wrong with Jackdaw Castle or the way it’s run.

    Perhaps Jonjo isn’t champion trainer but he has done fantastically well with some pretty poor amunition.

    Only PN has trained more winners than Jonjo and he’s not finished yet by a long way. The horses have been out of form? or has Jonjo been preparing them for a spring Campaign?

    The fact is he will top 100-120 winners again this season and I would think that’s pretty damn good.

    Nicky Henderson gets that many good horses sent to him it would make you cry yet Jonjo has trained almost 50% more winners than him. He has a lot more ordinary animals than most yet he just keeps winning with them.

    AP reckons Jonjo will win the title soon. I don’t, not until such times he gets some really decent horses.

    We all know horses can go wrong and it’s just not at Jonjos.

    When they do go wrong I can’t believe the remarks on here…. They just open their mouths and the crap just pours out………Their favourite for a while was BJK and how Jonjo ruined him. The fact they haven’t got a clue what is wrong with the horse they automaticaaly assume Jonjo has dome something wrong. Wichita Laineman is no doubt the next target for these morons.

    Sorry to harp on but if people make such statements they should have some concerte evidence on what the man did to ruin BJK etc.

    Jonjo has pulled of some fantastic training feats none more than winning with the weirdo Butlins Cabin.

    If you took 100 horses out of jackdaw and replaced them with Mules Jonjo would still win arace with them.

    You may be frustrated as the yard hasn’t been firing on all cylenders but not as frustrated as I am reading crap about the man

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    I have no problem with how JP spends his millions but my point is that like the Arabs on the Flat, his strategy has no business logic to it. Personally Fist if I had his money I’d be happy to breed and buy stores and ex-Flat animals rather than trying to buy established stars, but that’s just personal preference- as has been said, he does well by the people and horses he’s involved with, so good luck to him.

    Neil Watson
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    I would love to know who buys the horses for him and if indeed how much they charge JP because a lot of the time some of the horses can be absoloute dross and not fit for pulling Steptoes cart.

    Franchoek is class mind you it was at Haydock last summer when he ran in a 1m6f handicap i turned to a friend of mine and said that we have probably seen the Triumph winner.

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    Some classy after-timing there, Neil. :wink: :D


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    Oh dear,looks like KCC is now banned.

    What a shame :lol: :lol:

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