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    PA annoucement suggests crowd shouldn’t be alarmed, it was merely Sir Percy’s bubble bursting.

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    What a disgrace, so much for him Tregoning saying he was in better shape than before epsom, the lying git.

    P#ss Poor!

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    Let’s hope Teofilo doesn’t get turned over in the next… or it could be your bubble bursting :biggrin:  

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    Another Derby winner that can’t win a race …


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    Your quick wit never ceases to amaze me DJ. You’d better hope Teofilo wins though come to think of it I do too as I’ve just backed him but erm anyway I think you are being very harsh there, Sir Percy deserves another chance. Be interesting to see what Tregonoing has to say for himself.

    Racing Daily
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    I never fancied SP.  I put all of my mates against it.<br>Coming off of a four month lay off, SP couldn’t be anything other than watched IMO.

    The Market Man
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    Sir Percy ran flat found absolutely nothing. That’s not his true form.

    Fair play to Pride, impressive.

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    Yes pride was absolutely brilliant,brought a tear to my eye and well done to her,fantastic,especially after her gallant second in the Arc.

    Gareth Flynn
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    Sir Percy patently didn’t run anything close to his best. Whatever the reason, it tells us nothing about how good he is/isn’t.

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    Sir percy didnt seem to want to go through with his effort.

    Maybe feeling something.

    Pity people feel it necessary to sneer at what has been an admirable horse. No doubt they will now be stating that Dylan Thomas and George Washington’s form has been shor to pieces too

    thought not…

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    Almost as big a pity as the sense of humour failure of some people here. Good on Maxilon 5 for taking this thread and responding to it in the spirit in which it was posted.

    On a serious note, Olympian Odyssey ran his race. Probably ran as well as he had in the Guineas, which sort of tells us to a degree where Sir Percy was entitled to finish. But as the Guineas showed, he’s 6 or 7lb below George Washington, and if Sir Percy failing to give his running didn’t show that, then Olympian Odyssey to a degree did.  

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    Sir Percy was sweating and a bit worked up beforehand (he took a keen hold to post). I think he boiled over to a degree.

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    People will inevitably question the value of the Derby form.<br>4 horses were separated by less than a length.<br>Dylan Thomas won the Irish Derby against his own generation  but blew out on dirt recently.<br>The runner up at Epsom has done little for the form.<br>Sir Percy seems hard to keep sound.The classic generation have avoided their elders except in the Arc

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    They should retire him now. He will struggle as a 4 year old to stay sound and whats worse is he does not like good/fast ground which will more than likely prevail throughout all the major big races next year.

    Great to see Pride win and gain a deserved win. Rob Roy surprised me while HR just lacks what "wow" factor he had last year.

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    I agree with Aidan completely.

    As for Sir Percy….what comes round, goes round. He got all the luck last year against Horatio, and now, people see that Sir Percy is nothing like everyone expected. If a horse is deserved of glory, fine, I’ll put my hands up, but I’ve been against him ever since the Vintage Stakes at Goodwood.

    As for the 4 month lay-off……he had over a 6 month lay-off between October and May but still finished 2nd in the Guineas. And wasn’t he apparently ‘sparkling’ in his recent gallops. Perhaps he went flat…..

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