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    Neil Watson
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    Does anyone know if RUK or god forbid ATR plan to show the Jersey Racing Season this year as quite a few UK based horses,riders and even commentators do work over their and with only 5 races on each card it could be easily shown either live or recorded.

    Also will the RUK Point to Point programme be back as i never caught it first time round and would love to see it, I cant see why it cannot be shown because if you go to the S4C which is Welsh Channel4 website you can see reruns of the Welsh trotting at Tir Prince and 6 programmes of the Welsh Point to Point season

    no idea
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    I live in Jersey and am not aware or have heard that ATR or RUK are going to show any of the Jersey racing.

    Irish Stamp
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    Doubt they’ll cover the channel islands stuff tbh. Interesting point about the Jersey racing that I was told by a friend a couple of years ago that the winners count towards losing your claim but the results are never published in the RP.

    Tir Prince is a great little track in Colwyn Bay – some very nice horses contest the Sire Stakes series amongst other races up there, bloody cold though I have to say.

    % MAN
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    Someone e-mailed Get On the other week asking if the Jersey racing would be covered.

    I would suggest Chapman’s dismissive, sneering, concescending reply could roughly be translated as “when hell freezes over”.

    So from an ATR perspective I would say no!!!

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    I have not raced in Jersey for about 10 years but back then it was worse than banded racing and the bookies betting to about 400%. Les Landes is very scenic but facilities were very basic

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    I went to a welsh trotting meeting a few years back. Somewhere in mid wales…

    It was crap really

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    However, do any of you really believe the majority of ATR or RUK fans would be remotely interested in watching Jersey racing?

    Not the majority, but then the same could be said about coverage of French racing, US racing, the Nakayama Grand Jump, the Velka Pardubicka, point-to-points, trotting, flapping and any other racing medium that isn’t British or Irish Rules racing.

    It’s still part of the wider, rich tapestry of global racing, and for anyone with a holistic view of the sport it cannot be totally devoid of interest, if only to observe "how they do things over there", what sort of a crowd it attracts, whether the locals warm to multiple winners such as Koka Fast in the same way as we might to equally emphatic horses over here, and so on.

    I was curious enough to locate a live audio stream of a couple of last year’s meetings on the Internet last summer via some online broadcaster (I can’t remember now if it was the island’s own, or Auntie Beeb, or someone else), and it was very modest but keenly-enough contested fare mostly called by a certain M Johnson, who, in fairness, imbued his calls with a respectable degree of enthusiasm rather than just sleepwalking through it.

    If it came to pass, I’d certainly like to take in one of the Channel Island meetings this Spring or Summer. In addition to Les Landes, where there were seven or eight meetings last year, Guernsey’s track at L’Ancresse has also been back in use the last two years on the first Bank Holiday Saturday in May. I believe this is once more under threat of cessation, however.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    If they popped across on the ferry to the mainland they’d find that Normandy has 44 racecourses – enough to supply a separate racing channel all by itself!

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