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    Hi Mr Given, Thanks for answering our questions.

    Firstly I would like to ask, what are the best and worst things about training horses.

    And secondly, well done with Mr Sanddancer on Saturday, he looks a nice horse, do you think he will make into a nice 3 year old. I hope he does as he certainly looked the part.

    Thanks very much again, <br>Katy <br>The best thing for me about training horses is selecting a horse at the sales and then training it to win races. The worst thing must be when horses get injured – especially the good ones!! With regard to Mr Sandancer I think he will make a lovely 3 yr old as he is a big scopey horse and anything he does as a 2 yr old with be a bonus.

    <br>Hi James

    Which one of all the horses you train has the most exciting future, in your opinion? Plus what plans lie ahead for I Cried For You, or is that secret?

    Cheers <br>The most exciting horse I train is Mr Sandancer who won first time out at Newcastle a couple of weeks ago. I Cried For You who was fifth in the Bunbury Cup at Newmarket on 12 july is entered for the Tote International at Ascot on 28 July and then the Ascot Tote Trifecta on 29 September.

    <br>Hello James and thax for the time…. <br>Do you have a preference in type of horse, ie – sprinters/2 milers/2yo’s/etc? <br>From a small yard point of view, when travelling a great distance to a far away track, is it that expensive(petrol aside), you end up at a loss, if your horse doesn’t at least make the frame? <br><br>I don’t really have a preference – only to get the best out of the horse. With regard to traveling you are even at a loss when you go to a racecourse nearby and don’t make the frame.

    <br>Hi Mr Given, I was wondering what you thought about the all-weather. I’m one of the big fans of all-weather racing, do you like to run your horses on it? Do you still train Cozzie? Oh and one more thing, sorry to bombard you, do you really hate armchair trainers…like me! I love looking at horses and working out what I would do with them to get them to win…do you ever get letters advising you what to do with your horses? You won’t be getting any from me because I reckon you do a fine job without me…but hey you never know! I’d make a great stable adviser! Rob. <br><br>All weather racing has been a good option for bad horses, but is now more competitive and has good racing at times. I am not a fan of Lingfield although I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I see the new surface. With regard to Cozzie, she was retired from racing due to an injury and has since been sold in foal to Dancing Spree.

    <br>How do you account for the unpredictability of horses trained by Mark Johnson ? Do you feel you have learned from your time there ? <br><br>I learnt a great deal from my time with Mark. There is no easy answer to the unpredicability of some of his horses but they can run a bad one which you have to ignore.

    <br>Now that you are a trainer in your own right, are you a pessimist or an optimist, with regards to your horses running? (During races)

    Phil <br><br>Neither – just a realist!!

    <br>Hi there James, thanks for your time!!

    I’m curious to know what you rate your best life-achievement so far, and also what would you like to achieve most from your career?

    Thanks again and good luck! <br><br>Starting the training business with just 6 horses at Wolverhampton less than 3 years ago and now having nearly 60 and employing 12 people must be my best achievement. Now my ambition is to enjoy training and to train a group winner or two!

    <br>Mr. Given, Galileo is being pointed to the Breeder’s Cup. 1st-Do you feel he is a good fit for the Classic Race there or should be pointed to the Turf Race as his Breeding suggests?2nd- What is your opinion on Point Given? 3rd- I would like to know your thoughts on a time frame for shipping horses to the U.S. to run in Big Races as the Breeder’s Cup,how long is long enough for a Horse to acclimate to the surroundings and get used to the time difference and also the climate and the surface on which it will compete on? Thank’s For Your Time Sir. <br><br>Galilieo would seem to have the class to run in the classic, but to prove he is the best he has to take on the best in the States on whatever surface. Point Given (good name!) seems to be a seriously class y act. With regard to shipping horses it varies from individual to individual and depends on the climate you are leaving relative to the one you are going to. Generally speaking it seems easier to go from cold to hot although I don’t think the time difference affects horses. 10-14 days seems to have been successful in the past. Generally the horses will either act on the surface or not although you can get them used to the kick back.

    <br>thanks for giving your time to our questions James.

    if there was one thing you could change in racing that effects you as a trainer what would that be. <br>Better prize money

    do you need to plot a stable gamble to relieve the financial pressures associated with training. <br><br>No – sorry not a gambling man!

    do you have a website. <br><br>We do but it is not fully finished yet and I cant remember the address!!

    cheers Paul

    <br>hello James, <br>thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    What is the most valuable lesson about training horses you have learnt over the years?

    regards Diana. <br><br>That’s very difficult to answer, but you have to remember that you are always learning!

    <br>When the Foot & Mouth disease was at it’s deadliest James – were you for or against racing continuing as normal? <br><br>For – there was no evidence from the previous outbreak that associated racing with the spread and it would seem that it has not spread anything this time.

    <br>Hi James,

    Mark brought Fruits of Love to Woodbine a couple of times I think, so a couple of questions relating to that.

    1. What was the general opinion of Woodbine. <br><br>I had left Mark’s by then so I don’t know.

    2. How were the stable representatives treated while there.

    Would you favour a change in the way that racing is financed, perhaps to a tote off-course, tote/bookmaker on-course. <br><br>Yes definitely, it would help finance the industry better.

    What has been the hardest thing about leaving the security of Marks yard to go and make training a success under your own name.

    Many Thanks,

    Griff. <br>Greetings from British Columbia.James,Which of your horses is your favourite at the moment?who is your favourite horse ever?do you ever bet and what would your limit be?I notice a lot of people still bet using the telephone even though in theory the internet should be a lot more convient,have you ever bet on the internet and how was your experience?If not why ? Thanks for your time answering James.<br><br>My favourite horse has to be I Cried For You. He was bought out of Richard Hannon’s yard for 8000gns and has won nearly £50K in prize money and he was also my first ever winner.<br>Hi and thanks for answering our questions!  

    My question kind of follows on from your interview with Alistair Down. As a young trainer, how important do you feel it is to ‘market’ and publicise your yard and successes to attract owners?

    Thank you!

    —–<br>Sal <br><br>It is vital to advertise your success even the small ones to attract new owners and keep the business going.

    <br>James thanks for coming on.

    2-Y-Os: <br>a) – do you like to have them cranked up and ready to rumble (like say Jack/Alan Berry), or do you prefer to ease them into it (like say Mark Johnston) – I’m talking about horses that seem reasonably precocious? <br><br>If they’re the precocious enough I like to get them as ready as they can be. Others, will need the experience and will develop slower.

    b) Would you ever put a claimer up first time out? <br><br>It would depend on the horse and how good the claimer was.

    Venusian <br>

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    Special thanks to BookiesCanBeBeaten for setting this one up for us and of course James Given

    :clap: :clap: :clap:

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    Thanks to BCBB, Daylight and of course James himself – I hope he pops onto the forum sometime, that has to be one of the best Q/As so far.

    Nice one!

    Jay Torbitt
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    Thanks BCBB, James Given and Daylight. Thanks especially for the info on I Cried For You, James.

    An informative feature. Cheers.

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    Thanks to all involved in setting this up.  It was very interesting,

    Good Luck to James in the future (especially with Mr Sandancer and Mr Benji – 2 very nice colts)

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