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    From the HRA website (

    “Inside Informationâ€Â

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    Any journalists out there will find this bit interesting…

    10. Introduction of a Code of Conduct for racing media representatives

    The Working Group agreed that everyone involved in horseracing, including the media, has a responsibility to prevent the misuse of Inside Information; and those who are not licensed or registered can be dealt with under the Rules already. In general, the media have been extremely responsible in this area, although, there have been one or two isolated cases where members may have misused Inside Information.

    Recent cases have involved the misuse of Inside Information about horses either not participating in or not winning a race. It was agreed that any action should focus on preventing the negative use of Inside Information. The following wording for a Code of Conduct is proposed for members of the Horserace Writers and Photographers Association (HWPA):

    No member of the HWPA who, in the course of his/her duties acquires Inside Information as defined in the Rules of Racing, shall:

    (a) Use it for the purpose of attempting to profit from negative information about a horse.

    (b) Encourage any other person to use it for that purpose by disclosing the information.

    There was also agreement that, for it to be meaningful, there should be sanctions against those found to be in breach which relates to their professional standing. The suggested punishment (in addition to any action under the Rules) is that any member of the HWPA found to have breached the Code, can be expelled from membership and have their accreditation (RCA metal racing badge) removed.

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    That looks pretty straightforward for any honest racing journalist. Wasn’t there an issue with an RP journalist laying Jair du Cochet in the Gold Cup market before going public with a story after the trainer had rang the office to inform them that the horse had broken a leg.

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    Looks like you’re ****** then Mounty. Good job you have no "professional standing". :cry:

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    It will be interesting how this affects they grey area of bookies representatives that all have the metal press badges. If they become privy to information that they pass on to their employer rather than place it in the public domain, are they likely to be seen to have violated the rules?

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    Nothing about Pricewise traders??? :roll:

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    It might look like a rose, may even smell like a rose, but it’s still just an artistically packaged can of worms. :shock:
    Why, oh why, are the HRA hell-bent on information not getting into the public domain, rather than dealing with the actual problems?
    No-one should mind any communication that a horse is fit, well, and trying for its life; after all, aren’t all horses supposed to be anyway???
    What really rankles is that a horse may be:unsound, half-fit, training for another race,held up over too short a distance or front run over too far, act as a pacemaker, entered to reduce the weight carried by a stablemate, raced consistently over the wrong distance or ground, or many other forms of cheating that are endemic in horse racing every day of the week, and all are acceptable, AS LONG AS OUTSIDERS AREN’T TOLD ABOUT THEM.
    Integrity,….my arse!

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    Phew! Glad I’m not affected by this edict – I am seldom accused of journalism.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    Mike, you going to Warwick tonight? Might need to use your Betfair account :D

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    The threatened sanction of expulsion from the HWPA invests that organisation with a significance it does not deserve. IMO.

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    Appendix B

    Integrity Code of Conduct – New Appendix to the Rules of Racing

    (To replace existing Codes laid down in Appendix N, T and U of the Rules of Racing)

    Part 2: Specific Standards to be observed by Jockeys, Master Jockeys’ Valets and Master Valets’ Assistants.

    • Do not bet on horseracing or lay any horse to lose a race.

    • Avoid associating or communicating directly or indirectly with Betting Organisations or with any person representing a Betting Organisation on or from a racecourse.

    • Avoid accepting from any Betting Organisation or any person representing a Betting Organisation any reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind in connection with a race.

    • Avoid engaging in any activity, whether or not for reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind, the purpose of which is to advertise or promote a Betting Organisation or service.

    • Avoid discussing the chances of a horse they are engaged to ride with anyone (including other jockeys).


    • Do not enter the betting ring during a race meeting except without good reason.


    Interesting perspective in that last one:

    – so doing any of the preceding is a good reason to enter the betting ring, and thus banned;

    – but pushing your aged mother’s wheelchair is not a good reason to enter the betting ring, and thus permitted.

    Or is it a King James moment?


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    Prufrock, you’re not having a go at Geoff Lester there, are you? :shock:


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    Lots of use of the word “avoid” in that directive, Wit.

    Give your standing as TRF’s very own ‘Petrocelli’ :mrgreen: what is your opinion on the defence of “I couldn’t avoid it”.

    Would such a defence be difficult to argue?

    Why doesn’t the regulation just state “DO NOT………” or “………IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN”.

    “Avoid…..” seems like a bit of a fudge to me. Why isn’t more explicit language used?

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    Mike, you going to Warwick tonight? Might need to use your Betfair account

    Unfortunately not. I have a broken fifth metatarsal (??) which means I’m stuck at home wearing something on my right foot that makes me look like Gary Glitter (without the unhealthy interest in children mind).

    Why don’t you just stand and wave by the winning post like you normally do?


    dave jay
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    I was thinking exactly the same Grasshopper.

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