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    Looking at all the background briefings the HRA are giving – eg a trainer has an hour to withdraw an injured horse but not 5 hours etc – its evident that most of the concers are due to the Betting Exchanges and the ability of people to lay a horse to lose.

    Obviusly the punter benefits from the Exchanges and they are here to stay.
    Considering, however, that a pound bet on the exchanges benefits Racing only some 15 to 20% of a pound bet with the Bookmakers is it not time that the commission rate of the exchanges was increased and the levy % rate on that commission also increased. Otherwise the Racing industry is having to put up with all the mind blowing beaurocracy and costs of an increasingly regulated industry ( with new crimes being discovered all the time) whilst seeing its income falling as all the punting money switches from expensive bookies to cheap exchanges.
    Exchange punters have to pay for all the unintended consequences of their existence.

    I agree with Reet Hard – in the meantime the real ways of cheating the handicapper and through him the other owners and punters – are not being addressed with sufficient intelligence.

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    I broadly agree, galejade

    However, the best intelligence in the world might prove worthless, if a defence of "I couldn’t avoid it" holds-up.

    The JC/HRA/whoever needs to completely overhaul the conditions under which individuals are licensed. There are currently far too many ‘integrity’ loopholes that the authorities are unable – or unwilling – to close.

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    HRA and company are going to explore
    "the option of establishing a mentoring system for those entering the industry (for example, Apprentice Jockeys being allocated a senior jockey as point of contact as and when required)"
    Who on earth is going to risk talking about corrupt practices to an ‘insider’?As for publishing a code of conduct that suggests avoiding this, that, and the other; it will be laughed at and thrown away over the nearest hedge.
    When are the authorities really going to get a grip and squeeze the blatantly smug cheats out of the racing industry?
    I cannot believe they do not know who some of them are.

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    The only worthy point raised by the HRA is as follows:

    “Another important factor is that cheating [/color:2zd63jb3]connected with betting becomes a specific criminal offence in September 2007, when section 42 of the Gambling Act 2005 becomes law.â€Â

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    I wonder if "cheating concerned with betting" would cover those betting in running, who pay for the use of the fastest feeds – thus "cheating" those who do not have, or cannot have access to such feeds? Ditto for those colluding on course.

    Which bit of "Regulatory" does the HRA not understand within its own name?
    Regulations are "shall " and "shall not" – not some wishy washy good (but not too good) intentions from some politically correct focus group. Or did Sgt Arthur Wilson ( I say, do you mind awfully …) write this garbage?

    When is their Chairman going to buy his own lunches?

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