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I’m looking to re-home a retired racehorse

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    Good evening to all

    I may be asking too much but I am on the look out for a exracehorse, I have had one in the past, unfortuantely for me I have the spare cash for rugs/tack etc but not the inital outlay! I have broken in a few horses in my time and worked at TB stud also and am more than happy to keep intouch to let you know all progess. Ideally just a lovely horse looking for a nice retirement home to do a little of all sorts! Must admit i can sit to most things but im crap at sitting to bucks!! anythning else I dont mind at all, hight ok over 15.3hh mare or geld, pre under 10yrs. I dont mind one that has done a tendon and has recovered also. If you have a horse that has done all they can for you and needs a nice home please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading Em

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    best bet is to ring round. I know someone who got a freebie of Andy Turnell a while ago, and I know Ruth Carr sells them cheapy a lot. David Pipe usually has a few going too, ditto Jonjo… yee best bet is to get ringing around. Once they have started rehabilitation they tend to start costing money haha.

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    I agree with Emmy – ring around a few yards. I’d suggest a few of the yards in the Middleham area.

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    You could get in touch with RoR and speak to Di Arbuthnot. RoR help to support Greatwood and Moorcroft. The horses from Moorcroft are matched to your capabilities and are permanently loaned to you.

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    There are a couple of charities I am aware of that rehome ex-racers which may be able to help you. There may well be more but these are two I know about.

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    Wilemrig, that sounds a lovely idea and I really hope someone gives you a suitable horse to spend his/her retirement hacking around and having some good times with you. Good luck (and no bucks!) :lol:

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