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I still dream of Orgonon and wake up crying…..

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    I often wonder whether contained within those books they were forced to burn were the keys to the safe. The price on that being true seems to shorten with every passing month these days.

    Maybe I’ll revisit Alexander’s biorythms thread later.

    Crossed State Lines indeed!

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    Love a bit of Kate Bush , personal favourite ( after the babooshka video ) is Moving , written about Lindsay Kemp , written when she was only 18 , Kate is unique

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    Moving, released as a single only in Japan on 6th Feb 1978. the anniversary of the Silver Jubilee. Maybe she didn’t trust the charts here, what with them being fortified in that Jubilee week to ensure Rod Stewart was Top of the Pops.

    I guess what I’m asking here is: Does anyone really know what happened in the 20th century?

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    Many would find Kate’s faux-Australian accent on “The Dreaming” quite insulting these days.

    I just found it bad, excruciatingly so.

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    RR was the twentieth century

    AI is the twenty first

    (R.R. REDRUM)

    ‘Laura is adamant that Organon’s not going to turn into f***ing Skynet”, the AI system that goes rogue in the Terminator films. Ever since the days of David Marshall technologists have speculated about “the singularity” – the point at which digital interconnectedness becomes so comprehensive and all-pervading that it takes on a will of its own. Such anxieties often fixate on the question of whether AI can ever become truly sentient, but Laura believes this is beside the point. Sentient or not, megalomania is built into its logic and it is selfish. It wants control, and we’ve taught it how to be human. Years and years of watching and monitoring people on TRF has created an out of control monster.

    By the way accessing my huge database I noticed that the BIG BEAST’S BIRTHDAY passed unnoticed without the least of a whimper or a whelp yesterday.

    % Man blew out the candles of a cake in the shape of a big O and later with his feet up he was glad to truly relax and be out of the madhouse and away from the pesky flies that for months said nothing, then shouted SHUDDUP YER FACE

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    This thread is aimed offering redemption to those who have been cancelled, not finding more to throw to the sharks on spurious grounds!


    I sing-a dis-a song, all-a my fans applaud, Dey clap-a da hands
    Dat-a make me feel-a so good
    You ought to learn-a dis-a song, it’s-a real-a simple
    See, I sing “what’s-a this a BIG BEAST?”, you sing “FILL IN BLANKS HERE!”
    Den I sing-a da rest and den at de end we can all-a sing
    Ah, Shaddap-Marshall you face!

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    Reminders of the glory years Glenn, when The fly-by-night Biggleswade used to flip his blue wings to avoid detection, but hey, the best poster of all back then, bar Marshall, was Die Pakki and your little ditty brought him right back into the room. ( Too much work for you ) Nothing like him before or after. He was worth the 30 million dollars if you believe the sum that started up Flutter. A beautiful pink blue interface which in my eyes was an art form.

    Paul Ostermeyer, aka % man was the big beast who had far too much energy for the flies.

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    I’m still amazed that the Flutter name lives on. Two decades after the site went page not found, it’s now an umbrella for Big Blue, the Green Minnow, Sleepy Hollow, Whybet? and any number of poker sites.

    All of them living off the past glories of De Pakki and ‘what colour hair will today’s page 3 girl have’ markets.

    Here’s some emoticons: :yahoo: B-) :mail: :wacko: 😥

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    Yes surprising that the Flutter name thought up over two pints and sold on at an embarrassing loss over more pints, a few years later, lives on. I am more amazed at the two decades that passed like a flash – it is very unsettling. People don’t wear watches any more – maybe that is something to do with it.
    As for De Pakki – that sort of character would not work today. I have none of his posts sadly but I believe a lot of what he wrote was from personal experience. He called his wife – bloody fat ugly bitch (BFUB) and used the acronym frequently. One thing I can remember which stuck in the memory was this that he wrote..

    ‘The BFUB caused me to throw my empty bottle of spirits at the television and now its all broken.”

    He was very vocal and complained all the time about de peoples and how hard done he was by them and how all de peoples treat him so bad and how de peoples made his life so miserable.

    A different time and an inspirational one.

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    I was trying to get some shuteye on a train this morning, that’s right, and after getting up at an unholy, rude, and inhuman hour, of well, what was it ?
    5 am past the witch hand,
    but oh, something didn’t seem quite right, and like an itch in an unreachable place it moved deeper and needled, to the point of teeth grinding above, and a tick that had never been there.

    After consulting the id, it turned out in fact, to be none other than my last posting that had materialised as a troublesome pea hidden under the mattress of doubt, which in turn seemed to suddenly burgeon into a packet of birds’ eyes, and then triple into a night terror of mushies and no torpor. Unable to sleep even with the hypnotic dee da dee dum, dee da dee dum, of the train, it kept peck peck pecking at my brain. I just love peas !

    – BLOODY FAT UGLY BITCH (BFUB) and De Pakki was suddenly the worst lineman for the county – and I could hear him in the wire – just there and he cried – and it reached the points and then, yes, I was suddenly carrying the heavy burden and weight and stress of him sitting right next to me, not for one station’s duration, no, but for a goddamm hundred and forty mile of slow track, and all along with him on the watchtower, swearing and always reaching my ear lobe, but never my destination.

    The forgotten poster of old had somehow materialised and he was horribly spouting it all out just as Stephen King’s demonic Carrie, blubbered whined and wailed, emitting his purple raged profanities and kicking off at me.

    However much I tried to switch him off, I just couldn’t get him out of my Mighty Quinn skin, or get rid of the presence of the bast*rd he could so easily be and so often was, and he kept pressing right up to me, chucking out his incessant double dutch lingo, until it rung and rung in my bad ear.

    “De peoples are all de stupids”. Did you hear me ? De peoples are all de stupids.”

    The fact I had only paid £5 for the ticket and it had been bought in advance, like a bank job, and was twice the uncomfortable normal distance of the regular journey, and nearly a third off the price – all that meant at that moment absolutely nothing – there was no CONDOR moment with the win win win – I have just gotcha feeling – I’ve beaten all of you normals to death – me the clear winner – and for why was that missing ?

    Because of him – De Pakki

    It was not only that he was sitting plum next to me and all uninvited – but he had the affrontrery to have brought his bloody bitch with him. He just swore and swore at her, over and over again, time and time again, and she didn’t seem to give a fig – just amused herself looking down at her nails and outta da window. How would the Dali Lama maintain his prayers to the higher being and stay statue still with such an incessant tirade of nonsensical nonsense ?
    BIG FAT UGLY BITCH (BFUB) he kept shouting and it all jelled and suddenly it dawned


    and all was crystal clear; like waking from a dream to see her lying next to you, not exactly what you expected, but quite comfortable in her obvious femininity and no sign of the bitch is back – the jigsaw had found its last piece – the puzzle was suddenly solved, and peace was at one and with the world,and yes and even with the dreaded ticket inspector on the murdered express. No fags,no drinks no drugs, no rock ‘n’ roll, just one big almighty mountain and suddenly I was transported, in fact physically catapulted into a heady unnatural craggy scape in the ethereal presence of a wide winged black and white Condor circling the clouding highest peak of Nirvana but never quite reaching it – or me ! His catchphrase had been blatantly misrepresented in the slow turning forgetful windmills of my mind

    BFUB had no BLOODY in it. BFUB had no BLOODY in it.

    – and I had erred seriously !
    and skewed De Pakki’s art so woefully,and so grossly, he should have kicked my *rse so far backwards until it reached its rebirthing point as a small brownish seedling. Seeing the correction as clear as a bell or the whiff of a snake an inch before your death but venom less, I was softened, smoothed, with all the adrenalin released and it seemed to drip its exuberance from my frontal lobes, escaping down my brow and off my chin – akin to a triple shot infusion of diamorphine minus de shipman – and De Pakki was suddenly gone from Witchita – and was no longer swearing in the wire, and calm infused me and his charmingly quiet wife looked glowingly up at me with a sense of relief, and we found we could both sleep, shortly after we had smoothed each others wrinkles out !
    As she slept I awoke and gazed to see no BFUB – just her innocence and need and wondered how on God’s earth he, De Pakki, had missed the radiant stellar beauty in her eyes,

    and then she suddenly awoke and startled… she cried out…

    “Bad De Pakki in the night
    He told me I was going to lose the fight
    Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering
    Wuthering Nights

    I’ve come home,
    I’m so cold
    Let me in your window”

    I’m De Paaakkiii’s

    The train whistled just before it entered a tunnel
    – a long screeeeeeeeeeam
    was heard !



    Avoid at all cost the cheaper brands of vodka mixed in with the stresses of modern day, lazy life.

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    So, the truth finally comes out. The BFUB was, in fact, a keeper.

    De Pakki put us away in the forums as much as he put the greenhorns away on the flutter marketboard, with his offers of 2/1 each of 40 on the Grand National.

    Like I asked, does anyone know the real history of the 20th century?

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    De Pakki dis
    De Pakki dat
    De Pakki’s neck
    On the railway track

    He was a shrewdy and a meany and given to frightful temper tantrums with his dear wife.

    I forget his slimey offers but then I wasn’t the fourth biggest profit taker on I remember well a disagreement I had with him on a horse race back in 2001. I was certain that Galileo would beat Fantastic Light – forget the exact name of the race. He thought opposite. We both agreed in a gentlemanly manner to put £500 stake on our favoured mount at Billy Hills or butterbar. Some of you may remember that Mick Kinane was a pipping head short as he rode the favourite out at the finnish. I lost my 500 and I am pretty sure De Pakki did not have a bean on the winner Fantastic Light. I could write 500 words why Mick Kinane was a head missing but I had better not as I would get in trouble and it is something I was told many years after the race.

    I destroyed my exhaustive detective notes back then, but did conclude that De Pakki most likely had a maternal screw slightly loose contra David Marshall who had a daily cane beating by his Dad as told by ‘ I certainly know my Sports ‘ Anikin . De Pakki had been subjected to mean controlling mother syndrome by Mrs De Pakki who was Lady Chatterley’s mother with a twist of Mrs Bates.

    I persuaded Anikin not to post his picture up. Any mug, ugly or otherwise, was very off-putting to the creative spirits of Flutter.

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