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    Duhallow Paddy, Muhaafiz, Northern Emperor, Petite But Willing, Thegranaghman, Vipers Nest, Voix Des Tiep (FR).

    RIP to all.

    Ex RubyLight
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    Congratulations to Augustine Leahy for once again adding two more horses to this list!!!! Really impressed how a small stable can be such a regular contributor to this section of the forum.

    May the all rest in peace

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    If you’re a Leahy trained NH horse you had better hope your jockey is wearing green and gold hoops. Of the 9 horses trained by him listed in the Racing Post as having Irish jumps starts this season, the top three (the top 2 of which are the only ones to gave won any prize money) are JP owned, have had multiple starts and are still alive. The youngest is 6 years old.

    Of the other six, five are dead. One of them was 5 years old, the other dead horses were 4 years old . The two most recent- Thegranaghman and Petite But Willing- ran in the same race on 1st December. Both started at 200-1, both jumped badly (Thegranaghman in particular like he’d never schooled over a hurdle) and both beaten over 100 lengths. Neither featured in a stewards’ report; trainers do not have to account for the absymal performance of a 200-1 shot. Everyone just expects them to struggle, and they did. Listed as dead just over a week later. Petite But Willing was having only her second start; the first was 9 days previously. Nine days for her to prove that somehow, miraculously, she wasn’t quite useless and let her avoid a bullet. Inevitably, she failed.

    Another Leahy trained horse ran in the same race- the only non JP owned NH starter this season who is still alive according to the RP- Walk Alone, starting at 100-1 and beaten over 40 lengths. This was her 3rd start this season. She is 4 years old and owned by Miss S Leahy. I do not think her life expectancy will be long.

    I know that JP McManus doesn’t pull the rug from under anyone but in this case I rather wish he would buy Walk Alone, retire her to Martinstown immediately and take his other 3 away and put the NH part of the whole shebang at least out of its misery.

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    RIP to all … :rose: :rose:

    Ex RubyLight
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    Excellent and very informative post, greenasgrass. Thanks

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    Excellent post Greenasgrass.

    I know JP looks after his retired horses so it’s a mystery to me why he has horses with trainers whose stable has such a high death rate.

    I don’t do the social media thing and maybe I’m just naive, but maybe some-one could make a suggestion to him that he takes pity on this poor horse, Walk Alone, currently possibly still alive.

    I’d like to hope he reads this forum, but it’s not a given.

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    J.P. owned Walk Alone’s dam who presumably now belongs to S J Leahy Bloodstock Ltd (as they are listed as Walk Alone’s breeder). Perhaps there are links which make him send horses to Leahy (wouldn’t be the trainer’s record). The filly has a decent pedigree. Fingers crossed that might save her the fate of her stablemates

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