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Greatest Gold Cup winner (1994-2006)

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    Who would win the gold cup if all the above contested and where in there peak?

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    <br>Definitely Best Mate.

    I can fully understand the reasons why but it saddens me that people don’t seem to hold BM in as high an esteem as they should a triple Gold Cup winner.

    Yes, he beat very little but it was a massive acheivement for him to even turn up for 3 GC’s never mind win them.

    If only he’d have been campaigned differently, he might now have the legacy that deserves.

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    Imperial Call would be the one who we know least about. At his peak he recorded a RPR of 174+ and must be in with a shout in this one.

    I’d be backing him at 8/1 or greater.

    dave 22
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    Best mate!!! Dont make me laugh. He beat a bunch of trees, look how close beef or salmon got to him at cheltenham! <br>A horse is only as good as the horses it beats, and he beat very little, some good chasers, but mostly in decline. A shame jair de cochet died as he would have walked all over best mate. imo<br>not sure who would have won if they had all met at there peak. but best mate, no

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    Jair du cochet beats best mate once at huntingdon on heavy ground and all of a sudden he’s going to dominate for years. Three gold cups is three gold cups. Got to be Best Mate for me on this one.

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    A depressingly ordinary bunch when you look at them. Maybe The Fellow.

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    The judgement is supposed to be on when they were at their peak, and I reckon Best Mate shades it, but there’s isn’t a vintage winner among them.

    Kicking King would have a shout and on his day Looks Like Trouble was very good. Makes you wonder just what Nick Dundee might have been, though.


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    On soft ground, See More Business would probably have the edge over the Gold Cup course and distance. In terms of natural ability little beteween Best Mate and Kicking King, so the formers longevity favours him.

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    I tend to think Best Mate would have the measure of the rest, but that’s not necessarily because he’s a better horse, just that the Gold Cup seemed to suit him so well. Apart from him, I’d give KK a chance.

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    Undoubtably Best Mate. Watched his second GC win last night on RUK and he jumped and travelled with an authority rarely seen in this race. There was a real sense that he would have beaten anything that day. Calling him "ordinary" on the basis of that performance beggars belief

    kicking king next. hes been strangely underrated by some too. <br>

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    Some humorous stuff on here :biggrin:

    dave 22
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    Clivex, Milligan would jump and travel with an authority if he was running againsty donkeys!!!

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    Dave – a horse does not win 3 consecutive Gold Cups by beating donkeys. Give Best mate some credit.

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    good ground and Best mate without a shadow of doubt for me.

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    Best mate beating The Fellow for me. TF was a seriously good horse, who should have won 3 gold cup’s himself.

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