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    I am not sure I agree with horses being allowed to come back from Hong Kong with a different name.

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    It’s not ideal, Chestnut; and I have some sympathy with that view. But as long as it’s well flagged up whenever it runs there, shouldn’t be a problem. :good:

    value is everything
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    Have to agree about the name change but I must say I backed it today and took 8/1 BOG when there were eight runners so I can’t complain really :scratch: :scratch:

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    Was it well flagged up though? It was mentioned in the comments section of the Racing Post card (which is only available on the day) but the profile of the horse, while highlighting changes in trainers & owners, says nothing about the fact the horse once raced under a different name.

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    Why can’t it simply revert back to the name it raced under in the Uk when it returns?

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    Not mentioned in non racing paper, but then form from 2 years ago is not mentioned.

    I agree with admin, it should revert back to it’s UK name.

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    You may refer to the rules of naming a horse in the link below:

    HKJC would not accept “Names appearing in the Stud Book of the horse’s country of origin”.

    HKJC states that they will check the new name with Weatherbys for Gold Mount’s case. However, It does not state if such horse can revert to original name.

    Anyway, I think the owner of Gold Mount would not have the old name back. He just likes naming his horses with “Gold”! :wacko:

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    Is there anyway of getting a list of horses that are currently trained in GB or Ireland that have had a former name?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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