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    Will definitely result in a more mullins prize money domination in the short term… but 5 years is a long time, plenty time for them to change there mind

    Elliot will have to take the approach willie did the other year and diversify his ownership, but he has plenty time, i dare say if mullins decided to expand right now he could just about “own” irish racing for the long term, more so than he already does (he wont though)

    Sad times regardless, but i echo what kev said, ittl reduce the prices of p2p horses, but not enough to make the little guy the big guy, alot more horses will end up in britain again, thats all ittl do.

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    I didn’t enjoy Road to Riches plodding around in a hunters chase today. This is a horse who won a number of big races, and was a close + competitive third in one of the great Gold Cups. If JP owned him I suspect he’d be having a happy retirement by now

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    The same Road To Riches who was 3rd in the Aintree foxhunters, Befair? Hardly think new connections should be desperate to retire him just yet.


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    Many of the top French horses are direct sales from the trainers and do not see the sales rings. When O’Leary walked away from Mullins it was not just the training he walked away from – it was the network Mullins
    has in France/Ireland to buy good horses. It took Paul Nicholls years to recover from Bromley
    working directly for Munir/Souede.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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