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    EC – your list, while containing gems in REM and S&G, is largely made up of boring old rockers who trotted out fairly predictable, uninspiring, one dimensional ‘rock’, albeit of high quality technical standard. An evening with those DVD’s would be worse than an afternoon in fornt of ATR and that is saying something. (A Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD would seriously have me reaching for the razor blades I’m afraid).

    Scottish Jamie
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    The White Stripes – Blackpool Lights

    You either love them or hate them but I reckon Jack White is genius/god (delete as appropriate).

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    Ok EC – here’s the retort!

    Led Zeppelin – They were a great bunch of musicians and their stuff has performed teh remarkable feat of having sounded dated three years after they made it but sounding almost contemporary now some thirty years later. Figure that out. Anyway, I’m inclined to give you that one as they do have some good tunes and they did have a distinctive sound which was unlike anything heard at that point and, despite millions trying, no one has quite managed to capture that energy in quite the same way again. They did ponce about like a bunch of twats though which loses them some brownie points.

    The Who – Great band, loads of great stuff pre- 1970, some good stuff after that – great live band – I’ll give you that one as well.

    Bad Company – Couple of good tunes but on the whole fairly bland and  forgettable – Not giving you that one.

    Colusseum – Self indulgent twaddle – another you ain’t having.

    Concert for George – I loved George but this was more self indulgent stuff without any real musical purpose. Nil points.

    Cream – great technical players who could evoke a bit of magic but lacking toons. Inclined to call it a draw though as I admit they did have a certain something.

    Eagles – Some good tunes I admit but on the whole they were comfortable, easy listening MOR safety stuff. For challenging and progressive 1970’s country rock forget the Eagles and think Flying Burritos. Another for the sin bin.

    REM – Given.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan – guitar w**k
    ing at it’s worst. A big Zero on the Cormometer.

    Queen and Paul Rodgers – Queen are an over-rated pop band who went off the rails after their semi-decent first couple of albums. Pomp rock. Rodgers has a good voice but has had nothing to say since Free. Definitely one for the dustcart.

    Simon and Garfunkel – Exceptional, even though past their prime by the time they did this. Great stuff nevertheless.

    Eric Clapton – Can play guitar, no doubt about that, but can’t sing. The couple of catchy tunes he did have are delivered in such a monotonous drone with such predictable production as to render them impotent. Not having it.

    All that said EC – I’m not having a go at you, I just have very different musical tastes. To be honest I’m not a fan of ‘live’ music DVD’s or videos. They are often sterile and generally fail dismally to capture the atmosphere of a live gig or concert.

    You are right – I wasn’t there at the time. I guess I’m about five years behind you EC. However I’m judging these people on how I see them now, which is the important thing. I mean, even Cliff was considered quite the thing in his day.

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    Impact at the time was important then, but is only important now in a historical context. How good they seemed then has little bearing on whether they are enjoyable/relevant now.

    Among, but not exclusively, my favourite bands would be :-

    The Beatles<br>The Beach Boys<br>The Jam<br>The Kinks<br>The Clash<br>Joy Division<br>Nirvana<br>REM<br>Siouxsie and her Banshees<br>The Smiths<br>The Byrds<br>Gram Parsons<br>Everly Brothers

    I have wide taste and listen to lots of divergent material. From your list I have to admit I do possess records/Cds by most of theose you highlighted bar Queen, SRV and Colosseum (and I used to have first two Queen albums but lost them in a darts match!) plus a Led Zeppelin video so maybe we’re not the poles apart we seemed.

    If I had to take one record to a desert island it’d definitely be Pet Sounds though.

    The Wizard
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    Metropolis – Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater or The Human Equation by Ayreon would do for me

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    Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Tell me what rockers to swallow.

    Belle and Sebastian Dvd is also dead good.  :)

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    The American Folk Blues Festival 1962/66 volumes 1,2, & 3, if you like Blues/Jazz check out ‘The Blindman’s Blues Forum’ and say ‘Taff’ invited you, (that’ll be me!) Oh! there’s a horse racing/sports thread too,  look forward to seeing you.

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