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    This morning I received through the post a rather swish-looking brochure from an organisation syled the Emirates Racing Club or Emirates Racing.

    Apparently, I was selected by computer to be the beneficiary of a full year’s free subscription to their Diamond service – which apparently normally costs £4000.

    Their tipping record seems very good: between approximately £5000 and £9000 per month, between July and November inclusive.

    I was puzzled that the Arabic potentates and plutocrats who play such a major role in our flat racing should involve themselves in a tipping service – as it seemed to me that their name suggested.  

    Well, these people appear to be quite above board in their dealings, judging from the careful legal caveats and wordings they insert.

    However, the latter are in small print, notably the instruction to read the back page to view the conditions which apply, which is followed by a disclaimer.

    The background of the brochure is of a buff colour and the small print of a somewhat darker shade of it.

    It gives instructions concerning a competition and states that the telephone number for their gambling service bears a 090 prefix, "which may be charged at up to £1.5 per minute from a UK landline."

    And finally, the disclaimer "Emirates Racing are not associated with, endorsed by or sponsored by The Emirates Group, Emirates Airline or the Jumeirah Hotel Group."

    They may well be a bona fide organisation, but I don’t like to gain a false impression from an organisation’s name – however innocently and legally it may be framed by it principals and their legal advisors; or to read a disclaimer in small print against a background of a lighter shade of what appearrs to me to be the same colour.

    Hence, I mention it here for the benefit of any punters who might otherwise miss the purport of the small print.

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    I was selected by the same computer!

    Basically 0900 number tipping service.


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    Yes, it struck me as sneaky, Cormack.

    And while I’m about it, thanks for running things.

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    Yep, the computer selected me as :o <br>What a lucky bunch we are !!!:)

    I, of course, shall not be phoning them…I am a bit fed up of the relentless stream of correspondence from "ultra successful gamblers" who want ME to put some money on a horse for them and forward them the winnings…What a lovely scam….collecting dosh for nowt.

    You could actually give dumb callers approx. 40 horses’ between them, say 8 may win, and the fools will send you cash… Only the cost of postage will be the loss if none win, but that is unlikely.

    What bugs me is where do they get our addresses from. It MUST be from a bookie, as they are the only people who have my address for racing purposes [statements and the VERY occasional cheque!].<br>Anyway, some body in the Racing industry are selling our addresses. :(

    It must be racing as the letters are targeted to  race enthusiasts…



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    Lucky b*****d

    Looks like I’m going to have to carry on picking my own losers in the New Year.

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