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    Imperial Call
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    312C Bar One Racing Drinmore Nov S’chase (Grade 1)
    €48,750.00 ( 2m 4f – 4yo+ )[MAX 16]
    2-432 1 Alpha Ridge (PNolan) – (135)
    1f1 2 Bog Warrior (AJMartin) –
    89313 3 Cross Appeal (NMeade) – (121)
    25321 4 Donnas Palm (NMeade) –
    13121 5 First Lieutenant (MFMorris) –
    -7f32 6 Gates Of Rome (CAMurphy) – (127)
    21250 7 Gift Of Dgab (AJMartin) –
    36375 8 Imperial Shabra (POBrady) – (116)
    113p1 9 Last Instalment (PFenton) –
    -6911 10 Lucky William (TCooper) – (135)
    04231 11 Rivage D’Or (FR) (DTHughes) –
    5-155 12 Shinrock Paddy (PNolan) –
    1-11 13 Sir Des Champs (FR) (WPMullins) –
    11022 14 Stonemaster (DTHughes) –
    8-332 15 The Engineer (MrsJHarrington) –
    30002 16 Whodoyouthink (OMcKiernan) –

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    Only Mullins horse is Sir Des Champs which is intresting.Can’t wait to read stable tour on Mullins to see what plans they got with SDC

    Imperial Call
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    Half the entries are Gigginstown :shock:

    Vibes after Navan today are that Bog Warrior will run. First Lieutenant is unlikely to run and will probably take in another minor event before stepping up in grade at Christmas. Last Instalment would be interesting if it turned up heavy. Sir Des Champs would want to be running in a beginners next weekend to have any chance of lining up here. Willie has run horses first time up in this grade before but after what happened to Mikaed D’Haguenet last year, I doubt he’ll do it again.

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    Not one entry from the mainland. :shock: that said pretty low prize money for a grade 1

    Imperial Call
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    Sir Des Champs is entered at Punchestown on Saturday.

    Nice introduction for Gift Of Dgab at Limerick today.

    Imperial Call
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    (1:20) 312C Bar One Racing Drinmore Nov S’chase
    (Grade 1) €48,750.00 ( 2m 4f – 4yo+ )[MAX 16]
    2-432 1 Alpha Ridge(135) (PNolan) – 11,10
    1f11 2 Bog Warrior (AJMartin) – 11,10
    13121 3 First Lieutenant (MFMorris) – 11,10
    12501 4 Gift Of Dgab (AJMartin) – 11,10
    75470 5 Imperial Shabra(114) (POBrady) – 11,10
    13p11 6 Last Instalment (PFenton) – 11,10
    04231 7 Rivage D’Or (FR)(130) (DTHughes) – 11,10
    -1552 8 Shinrock Paddy (PNolan) – 11,10

    O’Leary benefit…..

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    If it’s soft then it has to be Last Instalment.

    Imperial Call
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    (1:20) 312C Bar One Racing Drinmore Nov
    S’hase (Grade 1) €48,750.00 ( 2m 4f – 4yo+ )[MAX 16]

    1 Alpha Ridge(135) (PNolan) – PCarberry(T) 11,10
    2 Bog Warrior (AJMartin) – 11,10
    3 First Lieutenant (MFMorris) – 11,10
    4 Imperial Shabra(114) (POBrady) – 11,10
    5 Rivage D’Or (FR)(130) (DTHughes) – .(T) 11,10
    6 Shinrock Paddy (PNolan) – BJGeraghty(T) 11,10

    Looks a straight match between Bog Warrior and First Lieutenant. My preference would be for the latter but interesting to see what Russell will ride.

    Imperial Call
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    Russell has gone for First Lieutenant.

    Walsh on Bog Warrior. Townend on Rivage D’Or. John Cullen rides Oliver Brady’s horse.

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    That First Lieutenant runs here suggests they think him ready for the big time, and as the jockey’s choice from the first 3 in the betting, the hint has to be taken.

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    Bog Warrior looked impressive last time out and jumped well. Should be an interesting little contest.

    Gambling Only Pays When You're Winning

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    That was very impressive; looks a natural jumper, was running away at the end, and obviously significant improvement to come in view of his inexperience. Two caveats; with First Lieutenant not running his race, the form of those behind may not amount to much, as Shinrock Paddy has been disappointing over fences, and the trainer says he won’t go on soft ground, which makes C’ham a bit of a stretch.
    But those aside, most striking winner of the Drinmore that I can remember.

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    I will reserve judgement on the winner until he has a proper test – he will be very good if can go through the season winning on the bridle. Even though he beat nothing yesterday it wouldn’t surprise me if Sir Des Champs is the better prospect.

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    No winner of the Drinmore has ever won a race at the Cheltenham Festival in the same season. Went close last year, but nothing else has gone particularly close.

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    What’s your point Zarava? Bog Warrior doesn’t know that and he doesn’t believe in Mystic Meg either

    If we paid attention to statistics none of us would have backed the likes Master Minded or Kauto Star or Hurricane Fly God forbid.

    Stats have absolutely no affect whatsoever, nil! none! zero! on the individual if he has exceptional ability.

    Bog Warrior will be many an Irishman’s idea of a Cheltenham banker after a display like that and who could blame them. He’s improved bundles since his first run and those were decent animals behind him

    He’s got bags of speed but I would imagine he’ll go for the RSA as Grand Crus looks more likely to go for the more speed dependant Jewson.

    Take a good one to beat Bog Warrior no matter where he goes.

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    My point is that December form for a novice who’s come to hand quickly means sod all in March.

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    I would have to agree with zarkava here- winning on bog-heavy ground in ireland in december is a million miles away from spring ground at cheltenham.

    perhaps the name BOG warrior is a tip in itself? :)

    certainly given the strength in depth of the rsa (grands crus, bobs worth, etc) calling him a banker seems to be jumping the gun somewhat.

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