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does anybody remember a trainer called ken payne

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    dan de man
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    any details of ken paynes record and the gambles he landed around the 70s ithink

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    His book

    The Coup

    is available on Amazon for a penny (not new, of course).


    Roddy Owen
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    Remember him well. He was a good man to meet on a train to the racecourse I believe. Some great touches

    Peter Poston’s Ghost
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    Would often flood races (usually sellers) with multiple runners.

    LK Piggott would sometimes ride one for him.

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    Why was he refused a license in Australia?

    He must be a good age now.

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    Ken Payne was a window cleaner turned trainer although in realty his heasd lad did the training. Ken was chat up man for owners and specialised at multiple entries in sellers. However he was not nearly as clever as he thought he was and went bust in the end- now where have I heard that before

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    Apparently he was refused a trainers licence in Australia in 2003.

    That surprises me, judging by some of the trainers I rode for down under I thought they gave anybody a license that had a stable and $600 fee. lol

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    If it is the same Ken Payne was one licensed as a trainer in Western Australia until recently.

    Definitely English, about 5.8 with longish silvery grey hair. Had very little success.

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    His book is an excellent read

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    Nothing to do with Ken Payne you are speaking of—We took into Custody a man with the same name—The arrest process was violent. When We made it back to the Station..The nurse was informed of the man- She asks as she is looking at her official notes—She say sir, what is the problem with you? He replies I am in Payne—She returns rather quickly-I inquire. She said I looked at him and he said he was Ken Payne-I noted it and Left—–We laughed all night over that–

    Sorry has nothing to do with the real man–It reminded me of a better time down the road some–

    Carry on.

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