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    Hi everybody

    During the last few months, I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing near enough every nook and cranny of our land and it turns out that some parts of the country are cooler than others.

    But which area deserves the title of coolest place in Britain according to users of TRF?

    Manchester<br>#Manchester LaLaLa! Manchester LaLaLa!# – We have the coolest song without a doubt. Everywhere I’ve been in Britain, all the locals will flock around me. This could be either because I’m a really cool and approachable guy or it could be that Manchester really is the height of kickass ‘cultchoh’. Sorted – Nice One – Sound Lad – Buzzin’ – …….. Blue Army – Ricky Hatton – Smiths – Stone Roses – Happy Mondays – Buzzcocks – Oasis.

    Cornwall<br>They have their own flag – an Independant country if history is read in depth

    Birmingham<br>If I’m going to be shot anywhere, it would be in Birmingham. That and they gave us the town of Dudley whuch is always pronounced Dudloy. They have a cool accent.

    Newcastle<br>G….. G for John. I like Newcastle a lot. They are as happy as larry when you’re sound with them but they take no s**t<br> if you take the p**s<br>. You know you’re in Newcastle when you listen to the local (Metro) Radio morning wind up. Typical example – ‘Nae boddah lass – Al cum t’ye office and borst ye ****<br>un hedden reet nah’ and then the DJ will call the victim a ‘good sport”.

    Liverpool<br>Yaright la’?

    Wales<br>Newport – Cardiff – Swansea then ****<br> all but hills and sheep.

    Scotland<br>Ask Grasshopper and SteveDVG for endorsements

    Yorkshire<br>Yorkshire born Yorkshire bred, strong int arm, thick int head. The biggest county in England yet they don’t have a single team in the premiership. Do a good festival though

    Bristol<br>Don’t park in Bristol – ever

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    Careful, now, boyo!:biggrin:


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    Ask Grasshopper and SteveDVG for endorsements

    Are you suggesting that you yourself have nothing good to say about Scotland?  :angry: :biggrin:

    Actually, I was on Arthur’s Seat yesterday evening sitting in the sunshine and enjoying the view.

    Not too shabby.


    dave jay
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    Being Englishman and living in Scotland, I should really get two votes .. Scotland is definitely the coolest .. by several Manchester inches.

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    They say when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life… man do I need a ****
    in’ nap!  

    Otis Lee Crenshaw

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    Hi everybody

    This morning I was drinking with a bunch of hardcore shareholders united head the balls and ended up waking in the shadows of Old Trafford. Even there, they enjoyed the company of a propoh manc. Nice one to whoever voted for us.

    Hi Colin<br>I once had to deliver a dock off wallsite to a corner shop bang in the centre of Cardiff on St Davids day. Such a pain in the arse. I still reckon that the Welsh accent is sexy and you guys have a pretty cool ”po-mo British gen x scene” I even met Dirty Sanchez’s Lee Dainton whilst he was working in a skate shop. Wales is allright.

    Hi Steve<br>From what I learned from you – I shouldn’t ever go for a weegie bird. Which leaves nowt else going for bonnie Scotland. That and it’s pretty unnerving being called a Protestant English Bastah whenever I go out there (even though I wasn’t christened). Biffy Clyro are a good band though – as a matter of fact, I’m listening to Convex, Concave right now.

    Hi DJ<br>For my record, I’ve added another vote for manchester under your name. Cheers;)

    Hi Ian<br>From what I’ve seen, London’s s**t
    I’m afraid. Brighton has a very good veggie restaurant though I prefer greasy spoons, the only cinema I’d go to is the Cornerhouse in Manchester and life itself is a theatre. Maybe for the capitalist but I can survive without London. I prefer Southend as a matter of fact. I’ve passed through Basingstoke a few times but haven’t yet had the honour of gracing your new hometown (traitor!!!!).  When I do and I see you I promise to say hi – I’m sure you get thousands of well wishers saying hi to you every waking second but just so you know – I’m the shaved headed (just like my hero) sexpot who looks like a studenty vegan drug addict.

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    Personally I think London is a sh*thole, and can’t bear more than a day at a time there.

    I voted Cornwall as the best part from the list above, partly because I live there (when not at Uni), and also because it’s just the nicest county in England anyway (even if a bit out the way at times!)

    Birmingham is also a sh*t hole and the accent is naaasty, but thankfully I lost my brummie accent when I was 6 πŸ˜‰ .

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    Quote: from Meshaheer on 7:39 pm on May 15, 2005[br]Birmingham is also a sh*t hole and the accent is naaasty, but thankfully I lost my brummie accent when I was 6 πŸ˜‰ .

    <br>Sigh, personal historical revisionism. What makes some people so keen to ditch their past rather than rejoice in how it has helped make them who they are?

    I digress. I voted for Manchester (13 miles away from my home village, the city I visited weekly for over a decade before studying there, and still the place I go to for many of my retail and leisure pursuits), although I have lived in Birmingham for seventeen months now and find it nowhere near as grim as is being made out here. With my pantheist’s hat on, other places I might have voted for – had Simon included them in the list – would have been;

    – Scarborough beach,<br>- The wind farm on the hills above Halifax,<br>- Spurn Head,<br>- Cartmel racecourse,<br>- Hole of Horcum,<br>- Chesil Beach,<br>- North Norfolk coast,<br>- Dalby Forest,<br>- Ben Ledi,<br>- The Pentlands.

    None of these would be cool in any accepted sense of the word, perhaps, but they’re all pretty divine in their own way to me.


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    Driving through the ever changing scenery of ever changing veiws of the most beautiful landscape that only manmade postcards have envisaged and pretended to exist ,  infact exists .<br> To make one feel so small , to realise ones place and worth and importance and smallness in the grand scheme of life.<br>To understand empathy towards nature and to clarify your role in the road we are travelling.

    A trip to the Highlands of Scotland will answer all.


    dave jay
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    – Spurn Head

    <br>One of my favourite places ever .. 😎

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    My dyslexia must be playing up this morning.

    When I saw Cornwall described as "the nicest county in England", I read "the incest county in England"

    To paraphrase a joke from Bill Hicks:

    I once met a guy from Cornwall. He said "I’d like you to meet my wife and sister"… there was just one girl standing there.  

    Dyslexia is cool. I remember double-taking after I passed a headline that said:

    "workers receive jobs blow".


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    The North Devon coast is my favourite place in the world.  It’s really beautiful, and a lot of good surf at Woolacombe and at Croyde.  <br>City wise… Manchester is my favourite place, because of the excellent nightlife… there’s always some amazing bands playing.<br>Other than that, good old Banbury isn’t as bad as i make it out to be, even if it is a bit chavvy.  

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    Dave Jay,<br>100% correct on Spurn Point. I am fortunate enough to be able to look on it every day(weather permitting) albeit from the other side of the Eastuary. It is also the driest area in the UK year on year.

    Irish Stamp
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    St. Helens is a bit chavvy, bit rough, pretty rough pubs, bars, clubs etc but other than that it ain’t too bad.

    Liverpool – wicked place, great buzz about the place, good shopping, good pubs/bars/clubs and definitely a great night out if you don’t get lost down the back alleys etc

    Sheffield – nice place, bit rough if you take a wrong turn (i walked past a murder scene when drunk on the way back from my mates last September).

    Derbyshire – great scenery especially if you’re on the train etc.

    Silloth-on-Solway – tremendous views from the golf course across the Firth of Forth and overall i really like the place.

    Perth – would love a house on the banks of the River Tay.  All in all Perth gets my vote i love the place πŸ™‚

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    Simple – Cheltenham

    Can’t think why though :biggrin:

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