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    My brother has just informed me of the sad news that my old friend Chris Hoggard passed away on Thursday. He was proprieter of the White Rose Saddlery in Malton, having started out life as an apprentice come travelling head lad by Jimmy Etherington. I have many, many fond memories of Chris, a very special person and friend. My thoughts go out to his family.

    Night, Night God Bless Chris.


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    Racing Post: TRIBUTES to Chris Hoggard, the popular
    proprietor of Malton’s White Rose saddlery
    business who died in his sleep on Thursday
    aged 53, have been led by the town’s
    trainers’ association secretary Noel
    Scaling, who described him as “an
    amazing character”.
    Malton’s racing community has been
    shocked by the sudden death of Hoggard,
    who had run his business in the town
    where he was born for 25 years, along
    with his wife Wendy, herself a master
    Hoggard, a diabetic, suffered various
    health problems for much of his life.
    He underwent two kidney transplants
    and was fitted with a prosthetic limb
    after he lost a foot through problems
    caused by diabetes.
    Scaling said: “Despite everything he’d
    been through, he just got on with life and
    enjoyed it. Although he wasn’t too well
    about six weeks ago, he’d come through
    that and was working the day before
    he died.
    “I found him an amazing character
    who had a tremendous racing knowledge
    and an appreciation of all things Yorkshire,
    especially cricket.
    “He was hugely well known and liked,
    and I’m sure everyone is going to miss
    him terribly.”
    Hoggard, a former apprentice with
    Jimmy Etherington, had gone full circle
    in the last year or two by having a halfshare
    in two horses trained by Jimmy’s
    son Tim Etherington at Wold House,
    where Hoggard had re-sited his saddlery
    business in a redeveloped part of the
    historic yard.
    The Racing Post’s Tom O’Ryan said: “I
    knew ‘Choggy’, as most people called him,
    most of my life. We went to school
    together and went into racing more or
    less together.
    “His enthusiasm for the game never
    waned – he was passionate about it – and
    he had a remarkably positive attitude to
    his illness problems over many years.
    He was a very popular guy and his
    death has come as a huge shock to all.”
    Russ Garritty was another with fond
    memories of Hoggard, who, through
    White Rose Saddlery, sponsored the
    former jockey for 15 years.
    Garritty said: “He was a true gentleman,
    a man of his word, and I will always
    be very grateful for what he did for me.
    Everyone who knew him is going to
    miss him.”
    Funeral arrangements have yet to be

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