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Chester and Punters' Graveyards

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    In the betting shops I use almost everyone I speak to hates Chester and think it a punter’s graveyard. I actually like it and do OK to fairly well when I bet on horses there.

    Until this year, Royal Ascot was a punter’s graveyard for me and Goodwood was, er, good. This year it was mainly the other way.

    Anyone have ‘graveyard’ course or ones that turned around? I’ve added a poll, if it comes out… Yep, they’re not all on there, but the major ones are. It’s a start.

    % MAN
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    Hexham is my graveyard – can’t even buy a winner there.

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    None of the above for me. Brighton would be my worst by some way, and then Chester. Infact, after today, I’m not betting Chester ever again.

    It’s a ******* hole and they should fill it in.

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    I wanted to add Brighton and Wolverhampton – a NIGHTMARE for me, is Wolverhampton. But you can’t edit a poll. Perhaps Cormack, the Great Architect of the Racing Forum might be able to add more…

    Chester’s partly about getting on that low drawn nice price…

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    My graveyard for punting has been Lingfield, which I now largely ignore. I do much better at Kempton and Southwell, especially paying attention to previous form on those courses.
    Lingfield was for me the equivalent of a FOBT, tampered with by the staff.

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    Chester’s partly about getting on that low drawn nice price…

    …And then they have to get away well or be forced to take a pull, never to be sighted again. The track and draw has far too much influence on results for punting there to be anything other than masochistic.

    Punting Wolverhampton’s a thing of beauty in comparison – plenty of room down the middle for hold up horses and suits a front runner too.

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    I wanted to add Brighton and Wolverhampton – a NIGHTMARE for me, is Wolverhampton.

    In Agreement.

    I should NEVER play an AW track.Mea Culpa.

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    The three AW tracks tracks, I stopped betting at these years ago. I also back to smaller stakes at the green polytrack that is Ascot.

    dave jay
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    I don’t like Kempton AW track, I’ve never had a bet there and looking through my records I don’t think I ever will.

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    My worst tracks are Redcar and Yarmouth. Most be something about narrow flat ovals!

    I’ve got a reasonable record on my forays into All Weather betting, though I’ve confined myself to better class races which probably helps.

    Of the big tracks I’ve not done so well at Newmarket, but I’ve had a few near misses at fancy prices, so it probably couldn’t be classed as a bad track.

    At my locals I’ve got a very good record at Mussleburgh, particularly over the jumps when it’s almost worth ignorring soft ground form from the likes of Ayr, Newcastle and Carlisle. Pretty reasonable record at Perth and Kelso, fair to middling at Hamilton and not so clever at Ayr.


    Maxilon 5
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    Beauties: All four AW racecourses plus Ascot. Brighton. Salisbury.

    Beasts: Any tracks north of Harrogate.

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    Over the last 14 months of taking the game seriously punting…..

    Kempton all weather. The most difficult track in the UK bar none imo.
    Mussleburgh, Sandown and Brighton on the flat.
    Taunton over the jumps, a few other horror tracks run it close though.

    Wont stop me betting at any of the above though.

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    Ooops, finger trouble, please ignore!

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    My worst track (based on instincts not hard eveidence) is Folkestone (flat racing) and Brighton. I would have said York as had a horrendous week just gone but its not usually that bad!

    Fortunately my good tracks have been Cheltenham and Goodwood. Its good to have the good winners at the bigger meetings lol. To be fair though, I do equally bad/well at most tracks. Every has a bad day and every a good day.

    chalk jockey
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    Kelso for me,I like watching racing there,but I keep to small stakes having burnt fingers there in the past

    If you go to back a certainty always buy a return ticket.

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    Chester’s served me better than most other Flat courses in recent memory, but I meet with surprisingly little success at Worcester given how much I like the place.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

    Neil Watson
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    My only visits to Hereford and Kelso met with no winners although i have backed winners at Kelso when watching on ATR.

    Wolverhampton is a course i have done well at whenever i have been their, for me it is a Guilty Pleasure racetrack.

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