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    Hi to all. I found your website through a search of AOL Keyword Biovalhorse, which is my webpage. I was curious to see that there are many locations that list a link to my webpage. After reviewing some of your comments regarding my theory, I have found that you are still approaching this theory for the purposes of betting as the ultimate reason. My information posted on my website indicated that this was my original reasoning, but because of not being able to control the workouts or race dates, my selections were merely guesses. My theory is aimed at the training and development of a thoroughbred racehorse using my original Biorhythmic Charts. I have been instrumental in the rehabilitation of two racehorses in Alberta Canada. I have numerous E-mails on file illustrating the reaction of these horses when they were worked out following my outlined dates of exercise. The feedback stated that after a short duration, the horses "almost knew" when the next workout would be, as they became very excited the evening and early morning prior to the workout.  But when the horses eagerly reached the racetrack, they were extremely focused and took to the track as a child would react to being taken to a playground.  Gentlemen and /or Ladies, I have registered my username to your forum, and would like to hear your comments. Thanks for listening, Milton Malla (Biovalhorse)

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    Hi Milton,

    I think you have highlighted in your opening post, the problem that faces anyone interested in researching this theory:

    Because you are not able to control either training schedules or race dates, then any selections derived from this method will be guesses. I suspect that the only way to fully test this theory, would be to own a racehorse of your own and have it trained according to your schedule. Even then you wont turn a plater into a world beater, but you could possibly see sufficient improvement to give some credence to your theory that it’s the training according to the biorhythmic chart that has made the difference.

    I am neither an advocate of biorhythmic theory nor dismissive of it – I know far too little about it to be either :biggrin: – but I suspect that for many years to come it will remain just that – a theory.

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    Hi Snowman, you’ve grasped the point exactly. I have just retired after working 25 years with the New York City Transit system as a Signalman, and now will be persuing contacts that will be willing to give my theory an honest try. I have recently met with an owner at Aqueduct racetrack which is a five minute drive from my home, and have given her an introduction to my theory. She has a couple of horses in training but I have focused on one in particular named Wilstone. I have charted the activities and the pedigree profile of Wilstone and the way that this horse is being prepared for the races has no pattern. First of all the pedigree profile (Dosage Index) illustrates an affinity to distance racing. The trainer has entered Wilstone in two sprint races, and has not been able to keep pace or come from behind in either of the races. But, the main point is that the horse is unprepared for the races. Horses trained this way, in my opinion, might have some potential but will never realize what they are capable of accomplishing. It has always been my dream to train, and if dreams come true, there will be a day where I can live that dream. Thanks for listening, and I hope I’ve enlightened you a bit. Milton Malla (Biovalhorse)

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    About  1970?  I was asked to help with a Biorhythem belever in datta comparing horses form as against there triple critical days.<br>I remember that Grundy won the Derby and was running on a brilliant time for against all the other suported runners.

    The full story was in a magazine called the Revalie,

    I then spent considerable time comparing the bios with the return favs for that year, to see if there was any colation.

    To much work. and not the eqipment that is available now so the results were not conclusive I will say though that <br> my wife noticed that on the fridays before the Derby my dates showed that I would not have got ensured to go out if in Japan.

    I ignored the data and finished up smashing my BMW into my wifes austine.:biggrin: .


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