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    Chronicle has popped up in the price tables on recently.
    On going into the site it looks like you can take their prices fixed odds which seem to follow Betfair/Betdaq prices, with some margin built in (presumably an automated computer programme). Does anyone have any experience betting with them to answer if you can get a decent bet at these odds? I would have thought that standing betting exchange odds to decent money would be a good way to get cleaned quickly (any number of schemes suggest themselves…) Seems a little strange for them to be competing with Betdaq, given Dermot Desmond’s involvement with both.

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    This is an example of a new breed of bookmaking service you will see being rolled out. Companies with a decent sized user base are targeted to provide dynamic betting as a bolt on service. The service is driven by an exchange with lots of sophisticated controls to ensure a profit margin is built into every bet struck. I have been working on this type of project for a few years on a freelance basis.

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    I read that Premierbet did a similar thing, linking their prices to Betfair’s.

    They have protected themselves from being cleaned quickly by the simple expedient of taking stakes on losers and not paying out on winners. :evil:

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    Good man, Glenn :D

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    Nothing like the 365/16 you can get with Chronicle :lol:

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    Nothing unique in Betchronicles offer,they where asking 119% in a 8 horse race and doing nothing to cover the liquidity problems!!

    Betbull (Germany/Spain/Italy)offer a similiar service in their shops with the added incentive that one can lay,however,their mark up is so extreme that knowone with half a brain contemplates using the system!!

    If your into Asian h`cap betting i would encourage using ,these people are Brokers for Asian h`caps so standard day lines of 1,96 best of two become 1,975, liquidity is excellent and they even manage to cover bets of 5K for Norwegian 2nd league,top leagues are standard 15K per hit…….mind you website aint a good looker!!

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