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    Ok, i’ve toyed with different systems past couple of years and made substantial amounts of money and lost it… Surely there is a way out there to make profits week on week. Not huge amounts, i’d be happy with £5 a day.
    If, say i had a balance of £200 is it possible to do any system for profits? Or are systems a no go without financial back up to cover losses etc?
    Looked at laying but liability wise could only do odds of 3-1 or less. Can this still work?
    Also has there been a tried and tested system on here that has continually produced profits? There was one where favourite in last races of each meeting were either layed or backed…? but can’t seem to find it.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated!!

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    Good afternoon Kauto,

    If only!

    After many years of searching for a system which is A) simple & B) crosses over from Flat to Jumps and then back again and works cosistanly 52 weeks a year I have serious doubt if it is out there.

    My major conclusion is there systems that work but for me they look only to "bring home the bacon" during the peak of each season and during such periods as we now find ouselves, the flat coming towards its end and the jumps not yet started are danger times for systems.

    I am not a fan of the woman but suggest you view Maria’s 4*/5* 40+ system on the Massy forum. The logic is sound and based on many years of Massey’s ratings it should not be discarded, she also is starting a revised version I think December 1 to provide more selections but more is not always better. She has been suffering of late with poor results but again perhaps it could be that time of the year. It starts with a low bank as suits you but in the short tem may not make £5 a day but over the longer period could do well. She has as many fans as critics but again her staking logic is 2.5% of the bank as it goes either up or down and 2.5% of your £200 provides one bet a day at £5 which fits quite nicely.

    I think her revised system will be to allow lower star value with increased point differential, I tried this and it did not work for me. I have worked 50+ points diff. which misses some winnners and a lot of losers but there really not enough selections to keep my interest.

    Nevertheless it is not a bad start to begin with and put in your armoury.

    To gain full access to all Massey’s ratings you are blackmailed into contributing to his charity and for small players such as we are it is not cost effective and therefore you have to wait for the lady to post selections late morning by which time some of the value may have dissapeared.

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    Katuo, imv, if there was a system that could guarantee a return of £5 a day from a £200 bank we would never hear about it.

    But, to answer your question, with a £200 bank to win £5 a day (£150 a month) it would be difficult and would require a huge amount of luck, all in your favour. A bank of £2000 that’s a different story.

    However, I’m not suggesting that that is all you need, rather in the first instance that just like any business if you haven’t got the capital to finance your day to day running costs(cash-flow) you’ll go bust. Also, there is the psychological aspect to consider. Image your system bets losing for five consecutive days at a cost of £20 per day, that’s half the bank you need to recover plus the £25 profit you had expected to have made. Compare that with the thought of still having £1900 to pay with.

    Of course, all of this is dependent on having a winning system but the money-management is imv, of equal importance.

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    I have been looking up some old systems in order to try and help you.

    If you take the Racing Post this will help however I am not sure if you can get all the required info via the new site these days.

    Flat season between the Grand National until end of October.

    Jumps season from November until Grand National.

    Exclude Chases and AW meetings.

    Top Speed, RPR, PostData & Spotlight must all agree on one selection and it must also be tipped by one of the training centres within Racing Post.

    I have never tried this one out so it should be paper traded for a period to see if it works.

    All the logic is there however I am not sure if there will be enough selections to meet your criteria and if the prices will be good enough to make it a betting starter.

    If I can find any others which may give you some ideas I will post them in due course.

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    Just one more reply


    which may help.

    A huge amount depends upon the style of betting etc. of which you are comfortable and any suggestion can only point you in a direction but it may not be your final destination.

    Have a look at the MULTIPLES how to, thread.

    We can all learn and I have found several ideas here and am currently trying out two of them.


    has suggested an oldie THE ROLLING YANKEE which may suit your bank etc.

    The other which paid huge dividends for me the other day with a 169/1 double is suggested by


    which works from the Daily Mail. Let me confess I have never before had a pay out anywhere near 169/1 and they do not come along every day but only yesterday I was won a small amount with 3 placed doubles.

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