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    Went to see LAST CHRISTMAS yesterday and absolutely loved it, co directed by and starring Emma Thompson, it’s main character is Katarina fondly known as ‘Elf’ in the forever Christmas shop where she works for ‘Santa’.
    Recovering from a serious operation Katarina played by Game Of Thrones (Mother of Dragons) Emelia Clarke goes from disaster after disaster until she meets Tom…and I will say no more as it would spoil the film… I would say this film featuring the fabulous music of George Michael is a good equal to Love Actually.

    Have you seen a good Christmas film lately and what is your favourite that you could recommend to settle down to watch with the Turkey sandwiches and leftover mulled wine on Boxing Day. Jac :rose:

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    My favourite Christmas film is Scrooge with Alastair Sim I just won’t except any imitation (Bah humbug )

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    Bad Santa – the film with attitude!

    The language is disgusting but, it is a really funny film. Bad Santa 2 is showing this year on the 20/12/2019 on Five Star at 21:00. (I haven’t seen this one.)

    Here is a link with some extracts Bad Santa 1 – be warned if you are easily offended please do not watch it – this is one of the tamer parts of the film:

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    Home Alone

    Can’t have Die Hard as a Christmas film

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    With you on Bad Santa Matron and thanks for the heads up on Bad Santa 2, which I also haven’t seen. Will record to watch when the family has gone to bed! At the other end of the spectrum, it’s not Christmas unless The Snowman is on somewhere.

    I also like a Christmas Eve ghost story and there have been some great ones over the years. The Woman in Black (not the Daniel Ratcliffe film but the TV drama with Bernard Hepton) & Lost Hearts (1973) were both so scary they practically ruined Christmas!

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    Apropos of Lost Hearts:

    There’s a new M.R.James ghost story to be aired over Christmas, Martin’s Close. One of his weaker tales in my opinion but I’m sure it will send a shiver nevertheless

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    Miracle on 34th Street, the original 1947 version.

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    Ooo thanks Drone. Will definitely be watching that (10pm a bit early mind you – may have to record it for midnight!). I have a theory that the lesser novels/short stories of great authors often make for better TV Dramas but we’ll see.

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    It’s A Wonderful Life unless they make a film about Kauto Star’s 5 KG wins.

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    Many many years ago in the seventies I think. The BBC used to have a ghost story for Christmas or some such thing.
    I watched one once called THE EXORCISM and as a ten or eleven year old it scared the bejaysus out of me!!
    It was that scary I still remember it now :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

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    A bit out of the usual maybe, but I enjoyed How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I think Jim Carey is
    a terrific actor, and incredibly irritating in equal measures, depending on what film he’s in, but
    this film was made for his over the top style.

    On the theme of scary ghost stories, I immediately thought of the a series that genuinely had me
    hiding behind the couch. I was a kid in the 60s and the series was Mystery And Imagination. The
    episode which scared the living daylights out of me, I still vividly remember it and it still
    scares me !!!. The episode in question was called “Lost Hearts”, aired in 1966, and the scene which
    still sticks in my mind is when two ghost children in shrouds are slowly heading to the bedroom of
    the evil guy responsible for their demise. They are ashen white but dark around the eyes and have
    incredibly long fingernails. They move very slowly and have no expression as they scratch on the
    door with their 6 inch long fingernails. He is inside terrified, and when they get in they cut his
    heart out with their nails and burn it on the fire. It was genuinely TERRIFYING :wacko:
    Drone has already mentions the author M.R.James, he certainly knows how to tell em.

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    So is Lost Hearts mentioned by Tonge and Drone the same story as mentioned by BigG

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    There are likely to be various adaptations of Lost Hearts. The one I was thinking of was 1973. Here’s a trailer

    Did you watch Bad Santa 2 Matron? Wasn’t a patch on the original but still had its moments!

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    I should have picked up on that Chestnut, and Tonge is right that there has been more than 1 version
    of the M.R. James drama shown on TV. I tried to see if there was any link to the earlier version, but
    from a review I found it seems it has been wiped……….

    A follow up was done by the BBC in the early 70’s which is on YouTube and is good enough but regrettably not in the same league as this one. Unfortunately this version no longer exists; so much stuff was wiped back in those days as soon as it had been broadcast so the tapes could be re-used. What sacrilege!

    It is a great pity, and to this day it is still the scariest thing I can recollect.

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    Great to read all your best Christmas films and dramas and Graham you really made me shiver with your write up on the Lost Hearts that you remembered that scared the wits out of you years ago. Must find a version to watch.

    Thanks for the heads up on Bad Santa Matron I watched it last week and it really made me laugh. I’ll catch up with Bad Santa 2 sometime but Tonge’s review has made me think it’s not as good as the first one.

    I too love a Ghost Story Tonge and there are plenty about on TV these next few days..I’ve started off by taping A Christmas Carol tonight on the BBC which is in 3 parts over 3 nights which I love as I can record all three and watch them at 22.00pm Christmas Eve. :good:

    On Boxing Day on Channel 5 at 9.00 there is Susan Hill’s Ghost Story A Small Hand, full of Creaky Houses. Dark secrets and Gothic creepiness…and then there is Dracula again it looks like the Beeb has been pushing the boat out this Christmas to bring us this new adaptation of the timeless horror story even using Orava Castle in Slovakia where the first Dracula film Nosferatu was made. Again this runs for 90 minutes over 3 nights and will be interesting to hear everyone’s views on this :mail: but love it or hate it it has to be better than constant repeats of James Bond on ITV or The Worlds Strongest Man. :wacko:

    Also watch out for Jack Frost on ITV 1.40pm Friday 27th November ( bit early so will have to record that) and Love Actually airs at 10.10pm same channel that night..I love a bit of Colin Firth and Bill Nighy. :heart: :heart: Jac

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