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Artemis, remember this is a catch all table incoprorating every 5 furlong race for a 5 year period.  I agree about the lower grade sprint times/ratings, some of these are way out of line.  Topspeed seem to amend the going allowance for these races to make the final ratings look good.

EW, I cannot accept Raceform Median Times.  A very crude method to produce standards and base ratings on.  Not for me.  When you look into the going allowances used by Raceform things get really disturbing.  Check out the GA for all meetings at Brighton over the summer during the dry period.

Gareth, you are spot on.  There are a lot of strage times within the RP standards.  As I stated earlier, if a standard time has not been achieved by any horse within a 5 year peiriod something must be wrong.