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    Why do you assume it is Racing UK who have asked to have the material removed from Youtube? As I said, there is no direct quote in Greg Wood’s piece from anybody connected with Racing UK by way of explanation and they wouldn’t hold the rights for any race run before they came into existence (4 years ago), so couldn’t ask for it to be removed.

    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    Grunt, if you try visiting the URL one of the videos used be on, you will be greeted with a message something like:

    This video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Racing UK.

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    Got email today…..

    Dear Kirstey,

    Many thanks for your e mail to the morning line which was passed to me because I am the person who removed the video from You Tube. And I did so quite unashamedly and we will continue to do so. Let me explain why. Firstly, your videos may have been a one off occasional fans video, however most were commercial led channels whereby unscrupulous thieves were stealing content and presenting it with advertising supplied around the videos. They contribute nothing to racing, nothing to the race courses and they take money out of racing…it’s a crime.

    You Tube, owned by Google, is currently the subject of hundreds of legal cases none of which they have a hope in hell of winning, if content is abused then it is removed by them as they will go bankrupt if they don’t remove illegally uploaded content. On the new tool we have our video is automatically registered with You Tube and then when a user tries to upload it You Tube’s systems recognise it and stop the upload. You Tube are working with all copyright owners to prevent illegal uploading. They do not condone, approve nor want illegal uploads on their site.

    Naturally Racing UK wants to provide racing coverage to users on the right model. Yes we will put content on You Tube, but we will do it in a controlled manner. We will also provide you with your own video uploading social networking site which is legal and you can use that. What we won’t tolerate is serial, copyright abuse to the gain of others. This was not what you were doing and I appreciate you are just a big fan of kauto Star, however in the bigger abuse picture your videos were also caught up.

    As you your point about Racing UK destroying the sport…quite the opposite, Racing UK is the best hope to help grow, preserve and improve the sport and make it more accessible. What Racing UK puts back into racing is incredible and it is Racing UK that you and your friends and colleague should be supporting. Racing UK is owned by the race courses, not individuals or investors, it is owned by the race courses and on many of their websites in the coming weeks you can watch race videos there. That is how you can best support racing. Not by illegally uploading video to You Tube. Thieving is not tolerated elsewhere in society and why some people get morally confused when it comes to the stealing of copyright and other intellectual property rights is beyond me.

    And Kirstey, if my tone is a bit abrupt and sharp then I am sorry, this really does upset me. In the coming months you will see plenty of videos from Racing UK free to air and you can upload video to our own upload site. And you can also do it safe in the knowledge that you really will be helping put some back into racing.

    You might also like to know that we pay Channel 4 to carry our racing. Yes, that’s right…we have to pay them…for the good of racing we pay to get it on that channel. I hope a little knowledge here will help your understanding of what we want to do and will help you and your friends support Racing UK even more.

    Yours sincerely,


    Hmmmm… don’t really know what to think of this. It will be good if RUK provide a site but will you have to be a subscriber to their channel i wonder.

    the welsh wizard
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    What an absolute prat "Simon" is. And to think that he’s running the show on RUK.

    What the hell were manced42’s videos to do with "stealing" or "intellectual property rights" – and what the hell do videos of obscure races from the 1970’s and 80’s have to do with Racing UK anyway? Most or all were taken from ITV who have not raised an issue with the whole thing. I hope heartily that Racing UK goes down the pan sooner rather than later and with idiots like "SImon" in charge, who can barely draft a letter, I think I have a fair chance.

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    maybe to get racing to survive we need to get more people interested in racing..if they arn’t introduced to racing by seeing it on terrestrial telly [not much of that these days] or seeing things on utube how is this going to happen? why are people so short sighted. I think that reply sounded patronising and pompous.

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    Patronising and pompous doesn’t do it justice; It’s bollox!
    What he is saying is no one gets it for free from RUK – whether it is in racing’s interests or not.
    They already charge for internet access, even to those that already have an RUK subscription, and it is clear from the above that they have been removed from Youtube solely for financial reasons.
    Contrast that to ATR and Channel 4, who both provide completely free video access, even to non-subscribers, and then judge who really has racing’s interests at heart, and who cares only for the great god, Mammon.

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    I was looking through some of the racing celebrity Q&A and noticed that in the Luke Harvey one he mentioned about a documentary he was in with Carl Llewellyn and Richard Guest. Does anyone know if it’s on youtube or anything as I haven’t seen it it must be about 20 years old now. Was it any good?

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    Hello. I was just wondering if espmadrid is putting any more videos on youtube as there hasn’t any new ones put up for a while. The one’s allready on there about 330 odd are brilliant but of course I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see more of these past races.

    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    Espmadrid said a few months ago that he would be busy for a while, but will get back to uploading more races when he has some free time. I am also a huge fan of his uploads and look forward to more!

    Espmadrid has a TRF account under the same name, so maybe you could PM him for more details. If you see this, Esp, do you have any plans to upload the post-2003 videos (which YouTube removed) anywhere else?

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    Is bluemanc43 on the racing forum? He has loads of videos on youtube. I know espmadrid is on here but I was wondering whether bluemanc43 is on here aswell? Or does anyone know how I could contact them.


    The Young FellaThe Young Fella
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    Try commenting on one of their uploads. They will be alerted of the activity, so you might get their attention through that.

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    I presume you can message them direct through their Channel?

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    On any YouTube member just click-on "About" and there is box below their profile "Send Message".


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    Thanks for your help people.

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    I am bluemanc43 I was on here under manced45 but lost my account somehow did you contact me as suggested if not how can I be of help.

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