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Worst TV "celebrities"

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    1) Paul O’Grady.  About as funny as bad breath.

    2) Ant & Dec. Where do I begin ?

    3) Robson Green. Tried acting, tried singing, perhaps he ought to try bricklaying.

    4) Michelle McManus. Who? Quite.

    5) Sue Barker. Not that good at tennis; not that good at television.

    6) Ally McCoist. Not that good at football; not that good at television.

    7) Andy Gray. A second rate footballer who spouts off about how more talented players should be playing the game. Gets a particular word in his mind and uses it ad-nauseam for the rest of the season. This year it’s "fizz" as in "he passed that with some fizz" or "that shot was a real fizzer".

    8) Gloria Hunniford. Sad but true, she seems to be making a living from writing about her daughter’s death. Can’t she grieve in private?  

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    I believe he’s been mentioned before but..

    dare I mutter the words…

    Jeremy Kyle.

    Oh, and that prat Wright off Channel 5 with the unbelievably irritating giggle.

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    I am no fan of Davina McCall. Oh, no.

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    And her evil twin Kate Thornton.

    Jim JTS
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    Ally McCoist?

    your havin’ a laugh there, he’s a hero of mine and if you don’t think he was a good player then you know nothing about the game!

    <br>:point: SuperAlly

    Andrew Hughes
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    Harsh words for Ally McCoist. He’s always seemed such a jolly chap.

    Davina McCall (too much with the gurning)<br>Johnathon Ross (when not presenting Film 06)<br>Alan Shearer (humourless jingoistic cretin)<br>Richard ‘n Judy (because it isn’t funny anymore)<br>Tony Blair (ditto)

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    Most of the ones mentioned so far I actuallly like! The Question of Sport ones are a great bunch.

    I have to say having seen him yesterday under sufference as GMTV  was on the lounge telly when I got to work……..

    <br>Bloody Keith Chegwin! KILL HIM! Up against a wall preferably. <br>

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    Sailing Shoes
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    Nothing wrong with Paul O’Grady – apart from the fact he smokes too much :cool:

    Agree about Davina, it’s all gurning facial expressions – clearly ‘The Drugs don’t work’.

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    I will always view Keith Chegwin somewhat differently – both better and worse at the same time – after his surreal appearance on "Extras".

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    As Zoz says, Jeremy Kyle is a class apart. He can’t hide his distaste for the people who make him a living and I reckon his dream finish to the show would be for the entire cast and audience of his dreadful programme to be euthanised en masse while he sprints out the back door, rubbing his hands together and cackling maniacally.

    dave jay
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    I dont know any .. too busy studying form.

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    Vanessa Feltz – yuk, yuk and thrice yuk

    Christine Hamilton – why?

    All ‘celebrity’ chefs with the exception of St. Delia

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    Quote: from Grasshopper on 10:50 am on Dec. 14, 2006[br]Anyone who has anything to do with running or presenting X-Factor, Pop Idol, Fame Academy or any of that sh*te – soul-less shills foisting the talentless onto the cretinous.

    Come the revolution, they’re the first one’s to get lined-up against the wall………..


    Don’t knock this stuff. It keeps the wife quiet so I can study form (and Myleene Klass in her white bikini).

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    Davina Macall<br>Jonathan Ross<br>Any ex Big Brother contestant<br>Jeremy Kyle indeed!<br>Most of the ITN news team<br>Ant & Dec

    Can’t think of many at this moment as I don’t watch much TV. As soon as any celebrity with only a quarter of a brain cell and a big mouth comes on I switch off.

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    It’s got to be Jade Goody, how the heck did she become a millionairess? Must be when ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise!

    Sid Wadell the Geordie darts bloke on Sky. He drives me diddly squat constantly saying Phil Taylor is the best Sportsman in the WORLD (No No No)

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