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Why are RUK paying C4?

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    Why are RUK paying C4?

    Surely this money should go towards the prize money pot for owners like The Golden Anoraks, The Firm etc (  lower grade trying connections) and not to  a crap tv production, load of tossers wages pot


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    If you go to the RUK website, you can find a press release form November that ‘explains’ the deal between C4, RUK, the Tote and the Levy Board.

    Whether you’ll be any the wiser after reading it is questionable – I certainly wasn’t!

    But my reading is that the payment is part of the sponsorship required by C4 and that in return RUK get a regular plug on air – hence the current problem with ATR contracted staff appearing on C4 but expected to boost the rival station.

    It’s a three year deal, and also unclear whether RUK are paying £2M per annum, or whether that amount is their total input.


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    <br>Greg Wood article

    "Racing UK is paying £2m a year as part of a three-year deal which started on January 1 to keep Channel 4 on the air"

    <br>Better spent going into the prize fund imo

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    Racing needs terrestial TV and as much(favourable) coverage in the media as it can get. If it has to be paid for, then so be it.

    ‘Build the perfect mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door’

    One of the axioms of Marketing, but only true if the world knows where you live.

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    The over-subscription of banded races and the fact that 0-60 handicaps are the hardest to get your horse into is a clear indication that owners are not in racing for the prize money.

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    RUK’s Kempton Coverage

    Watched it long enough tonight to realise it was studio based. At the Christmas meeting it appeared to be coming from the bar – is there any reason for this? Is there a hoard of angry punters waiting to get to grips with RUK’s finest? Some might say that would provide a greater spectacle than the racing.

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    That spectacle would be fun stilvi, but the bitter cold truth is that apart from a few hardy owners/trainers very few people watch the racing at Kempton outside on winter evenings. In fact very few people go to Kempton at all on winter evenings.
    Had a runner there a couple of weeks back and went in the RUK bar. Including Mcnae, Nevison and the cameraman and three of us there were nine people in there.
    The O/Ts bar was pretty crowded, but sad to say many of them watched their horses on TV rather than venturing out on a very cold night.

    Serious point though, how can these pundits offer serious opinions without commenting on the horses in the parade ring? Obviously they can’t.


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    I am beginning to wonder whether Richard Dunwoody used Kempton to prepare for his expedition – surely it wasn’t that cold tonight? What was the explanation for staying indoors at the Christmas meeting?

    barry dennis
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    perhaps they are fed up with me complaining about their coverage,

    I questioned their knowledge of betting exchanges which they continually compare to ring odds,

    my complaints to the kempton management about entrance fees up £2 this year , £16 to get in?, its cheaper at HQ, crap food outlets, the Indian stopped opening last week, lack of customers.

    kp management said " if you dont like it dont come"

    good job I did last week I was the only bookie in the ring, I wonder why the other 30 bookmakers didn’t bother, probably couldn’t cope with pressure of business, on that day I took 90 bets on 7 races, at Lingfield bets would average about 500 a day during January.

    ok,kp. I’ll take your advice

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    Wow, £16 to get in? For class 6 races? I thought Kempton would be better than that, really i thought would be much cheaper. Glad it’s not my local then, though saying that i have Sedgefield… Hmmm

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    Yes I saw the photo of you Barry in the Racing Post of you all on your own in the ring!
    RUK have every right to mention betfair odds against ring odds.

    With just one bookie in the ring except those on the rails how can just a handfull of on course bookmakers with the market so weak be deciding what odds will be transmitted to the world wide punters betting off course at Kempton.

    Also saw the photo in yesterdays RP of Johnny Poulter who has recently died.
    The connection is Kempton AW is dead as is John.

    Johnny Poulter was a well known bookie who stood at Hove dogs for years until illness forced to him to give up and will be missed where as if Kempton AW closed today it will be not.

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    Have mentioned this before about them being in the bar its pointless they may as well just have the person presenting in the office/booth whatever it called and not bother sending a presenter and expert down there and fill the 20 minute gap with highlights if they are not going to assess the horses at least ATR do something else when Wolverhampton is on.

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    I thought the interactive studio setup was much better than the bar. Hope they do it again.

    I also thought the camera crew and commentator did a great job in horrendous weather conditions at Catterick yesterday.

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    Its my (very) local track but i havent been to an evening meeting since Sept

    I suppose its does seem a bit silly being price sensitive for a couple of quid, but the rise to £16 is ridiculous

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    Blanket coverage of Cheltenham (admitedly with plenty of padding from Harry Findley) but nothing live until 1.00 today. In my opinion shame Aintree didn’t join Ascot on ATR – can’t believe they wouldn’t have re-scheduled their morning programmes.

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