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    Fatal fall at Haydock today

    12 years old, 417 days off the track and tailed off in his last 2 runs.

    Pure greed

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    Or is it possible that he loved racing and wouldn’t have been suited being retired?

    I can guarantee if something had happened to Yorkhill on Saturday we’d have had people queuing up to slate connections. Instead we had one of the moments of the season so far.

    RIP Whisper. You were a seriously talented horse.

    Ex RubyLight
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    Poor horse, suffered the injury just before the take-off. I’m sure that connections knew what they were doing and he was in an very suitable race for his age. Sounds stupid, but it was just bad luck. The horse had jumping ability, if you consider how close he ran to Clan des Obeaux three years ago.

    Dai Walters is not the type of owner I’d consider to be greedy.

    May he rest in peace

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    Entirely possible. But he was clearly fragile with plenty of long absences off the track. His latest runs very poor, Being asked to lug 10lb more than the next horse, I think he’s given all he had and deserved a happy retirement.

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    Poor boy, really sad to see, he was a lovely talented horse.
    Condolence to connections.
    RIP Whisper.

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    Such a sad loss … glad I didn’t see it … RIP Whisper

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    Heartbreaking news.
    Such a beautiful genuine horse.
    Feel really sad for his connections, he was so loved
    RIP Whisper⚘

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Gut punch to see his name on here.
    I really liked that little horse.
    Might Bite was the big, handsome, cool, insouciant winner of that RSA- the gasps- so talented- he stopped for a vodka martini, shaken not stirred then nonchalantly pressed the turbo button to win. But I was cheering for little Whisper that day. He didn’t have a turbo button to press. He just jumped well and galloped on as best he could and tried and tried to win, and failed by a nose.

    Total Recall went from Total Who? to the well recognised perfectly plotted horse for the Labrokes Trophy- his SP of 7/2 borne out by how far he would have won by….were it not for Whisper. He was not well handicapped and he was carrying a penalty and giving a stone to the Mullins horse. But he jumped and galloped and fought and fought up the run in (finishing 9 lengths clear of the next horse at the line) and tried and tried to hang on and win, and failed by a neck.

    When people say “lost nothing in defeat” this is what they mean. Little hero of a horse.
    Without him, that RSA would have been remembered as “Oh yeah that was when Might Bite did that weird thing then won by 10 lengths. Cool. Weird.” But it wouldn’t have been exciting.
    That Ladbrokes would have been “Was that the one when the Mullins handicap blot went off really short and won with its head in its chest? Yeah whatevs” Thanks to brave little Whisper, Total Recall’s race notes read “driven right out”. And the finish was a good finish worthy of a big race; and Total Recall was the plot that was nearly foiled.
    I hope Whisper gets a writeup in the racing press. He helped to make those two races.
    He deserves it.

    Venture to Cognac
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    Great post Grass

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    Yes, well said, he was a cracking little horse, will be very much missed.

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    Well said. Seen nothing in the press as yet but at least Nico De Boinville acknowledged him on Twitter

    Sad to hear the news about Whisper. Whisper was my first ever Cheltenham Festival winner. He was also involved in one of the most memorable Festival finishes in the RSA vs Might Bite. RIP.

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    Excellent tribute to a fine horse, Grass. None of these brave horses deserve to be listed in such a sad subdivision (for want of a better word) of this forum.

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    Lovely tribute green straight from the heart.❤

    I agree with TYT it is a sad place to visit but where else could tributes like green’s and those of everybody else be left if it wasn’t here.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Nathan Hughes
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    RIP Whisper
    lovely post Green
    That race with Mite Bite was the first thing I thought when seeing the sad news..

    Member since March 2008
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    Totally agree with what greenasgrass has said. I’d noticed that he was down to run in the race but didn’t tune into racing radio that day so it was a terrible shock to see his name here. I’d looked up his race to remind myself of the races he’d been in and, as grass he said he didn’t win some of those races but he made them iconic.

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