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Well Done Godolphin

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    To the organisation that gives us free Timeform Perspective, free Timeform Racecards, plentiful information about their horses, a great website, a PR man who does his bit and a founder who gives us live RUK and Equida for free everyday in the Gulf, I say a big well done on your classic victory today.

    An example to many in flat racing. Long may it continue.

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    Have been slagging off Godolphin for years but have simultaneously said how wonderful it’d be to have the old Godolphin that we know and love back.

    And here they are :D

    We’ve had Ballydoyle vs Godolphin in 3 of the last 5 Group 1s and I can’t for the several more we’re going to have.

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    Love em or loathe them you have to say their contribution to UK racing has been immense and they deserve every ounce of success they get in return.

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    I still can’t quite work out exactly how anyone can ‘loathe’ them anyway.

    What heinous crime were they ever found guilty of?

    Oh yeah, a few of their purchases either went wrong or didn’t fulfill their early potential. :?

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    Loathe is probably too strong a word but I think quite a few are unhappy at the perception that they buy up all the opposition.

    Besides spending astronomical sums at the sales they then attempt to buy any young, and not so young, animals that show form that might be a challenge to theirs.

    Good news for those who are the beneficiaries of the purchases but not sure that it makes for truly competitive racing.

    I have no arguments with Sheikh Mo and the millions he has put into British racing but I have the feeling that his infusion of money has made the sport just a little reliant on his millions. One wonders what would happen if he ever made the decision to pull out of the sport in this country.


    Rob V
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    I like Godolphin and think they’re essential to racing. They’ve had their ups ‘n’ downs but it’s good to see them getting better results now.

    I still think, sometime sooner rather than later, they’ll have another horse in the same breath as Dubai Millennium :wink:

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    I like them and am very happy to see success returning.

    All i ask from trainers and owners is a degree of straightforward openess, at the top level anyway. Their PR is second to none

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