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uh oh Flat season gearing up!

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    well after some lovely weather from november (when we started calming down for the ‘winter”) til today (very wet an windy) we haven’t been doing too much. Now the feed is being changed, the work is getting ‘upped’ and race targets are being discussed.

    Now although i love jumpin (have ridden p2p) i do look forward to the flat season!!

    A couple of weeks ago, we started cantering most horses (except obviously the yearling which were already) now we are havin some older (3yo +) horses coming back in…….

    ……..and we wait for the build up to Cheltenham to begin.

    Well, thats when major races start gettin discussed about Cheltenham time anyway.

    anyone else looking forward to it? (maybe its only coz i’m looking after some nice babies lol)

    the daiesy belle


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    Im definately looking forward to the flat season. Like you, although i love national hunt and you cant beat the Cheltenham festival, with flat racing there is almost a top quality meeting with top quality horses every weekend. Bring on the Guinees, thats when it really starts!

    Black Sam Bellamy
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    Roll on some decent flat racing. I am sick of these three runner novice chases !!

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    Jim Bolger’s New Approach is the one I’m most looking forward to seeing again. I think he”ll win the 2,000 guineas, if sound.

    Gambling Only Pays When You're Winning

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    Only just got my jump brain back in gear for the winter – don’t make me switch back to flat just yet! Round about early Feb is when I can cope with thinking about flat stuff again. :D

    Irish Stamp
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    Dubai Carnival and no Bad Girl Runs :cry:

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    Not a massive fan of the flat to be honest but i am quite looking forward to the next flat season.

    Just a shame we wont see some of the 4 year olds from last year, perform later this year.

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    Well yes I would be looking forward to it but it’s a bit early yet after all lets face it flat doesn’t start till the end of May. We splutter a bit in March and April but still mostly switching backwards and forwards with AW and of course getting worse as more AW comes on stream.Then finally in June wall to wall racing morning noon and night for a couple of months and then it splutters to a close again. So basically the flat lasts a couple of months. Absolutely hopeless I believe AW should have a definite season November to end of March then banned . There should be a minimum of 2 grass flat meeting per day end of March to end of season. I’ve nothing against AW in it’s right place but the idea of running classic trials at Kempton on it is almost as stupid as running NH bumpers on it at Lingfield.While I’m ranting amateur races have no place in professional meetings when you’re paying to see 6 races they should either be run at point to point courses or as an extra race

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    I’ve nothing against AW in it’s right place but the idea of running classic trials at Kempton on it is almost as stupid as running NH bumpers on it at Lingfield

    and running classic winners on the AW at Santa anita in October is presumably equally stupid too

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    Santa Anita is not an a/w track, it’s a dirt track :D


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    Can’t muster any enthusiasm for the flat & the multi million pound purchases, although I do take an interest in the bread and butter horses. Once the Guineas is over I can look forward to Summer Jumping!

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    Santa Anita is not an a/w track, it’s a dirt track :D


    It actually nearly was dirt again. They were going for a waiver from the CHRB to lift the Cushion Track and put dirt back down. Now they seem to have changed their mind and are going to mix in the Australian Pro-Ride polymer binders in the hope this will stave off their drainage woes.

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    I think the fact that I’m a jumps fan is fairly obvious when my approach to the flat season is pretty much to stomp around in a bad mood from the end of the NH season until after the Derby when you can at least comfort yourself by saying "oh well, only one more dull as hell Classic until we can get some proper racing"!

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    I used to be exactly the same Zoz, but I’ve actually taken a passing interest in Saturday summer racing in the last couple of seasons, purely through boredom! I know I’m going to hell as a result, but I just can’t wait from May till November. :oops:
    However, I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of contemplating thinking about the flat season until at least after the Betfred has run!

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    what i ment was that by workin in a flat yard, we cant wait for the season to begin, an although i love jumping (coz horses stay around much longer) at least we dont have to lead up in the yucky weather. bearing in mind, trottin is terribly boring, but at least you dont get 2 cold coz the horses are always loopy! lol


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