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TRF/Betfred Cheltenham Competition Result

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    Four long, hard days and 46 matches over Cheltenham’s gruelling playing field. In the end it was a spectacular final day effort and a fightback of gargantuan proportions after a first day score of 3 which would have frightened (and did frighten!) many lesser mortals away.

    Very well done to The Bairn whose magnificent 13 was enough to overhaul Grizzo and pip the long time leader up the Cheltenham hill.

    FanciedHorseLayer improved daily and dead-heated for second in the end, after looking like a longer trip will suit. Non Vintage made the frame after a double figure score today left him wondering what might have been had he not dwelt at the start.

    So, the 5 hour long Cheltenham triple DVD and the £30 free bet goes to The Bairn – well done.<br><br>Final scores :<br>The Bairn-35<br>Grizzo-33<br>Fancied Horse Layer-33<br>Non Vintage-31<br>Aranalde-30<br>Scottish Jamie-30<br>Sal-30<br>Roland-28<br>Bob Rolf-28<br>Chetnole-28<br>Doyley-27<br>Johnny B-26<br>Bilko-26<br>Flatseasonlover-26<br>Adrian-24<br>Pat123-24<br>Matty-24<br>Superslippers-23<br>Danny-23<br>David Brady-23<br>Aragorn-23<br>Sugar Turkey-21<br>Manugirl-21<br>Grundy-20<br>Benji-17<br>Michael Walsh-14<br>APHardy-11<br>David Johnson-10<br>Kevin-8<br>Seven Towers-7<br>Young Mick-5<br>Jamsym-5<br>Grimes-3

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    <br> Excellent last day for The Bairn,, Well done to you for winning the Cheltenham Competition,, Thanx Corm. for all your hard work in running the challange. Grizzo.

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    Well done The Bairn, thanks cormack for the hard work involved.<br>Personally I liked the old Comp. format and so did a few others, 80+ taking part last year / 30+ this year ;)

    bob rolf
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    well done Thebairn, great win and many thanks Corm for running the competition

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    Well done The Bairn and thanks Cormack for the new competition.

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    Thanks all.

    Grundy – point taken, I just wanted to try something different. May revert back to old format next year though.

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    I’d rather you didn’t!

    Seriously, though, many thanks Cormack for running this competition and to all the other competitors (especially Grizzo and FHL) for taking it to down to the wire.

    Looking at the results, I reckon that if Osana hadn’t finished in front of Fair Along in the finale then we’d have had a three-way dead-heat, which would have been a fitting result.

    Andrew Hughes
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    Cormack, a very interesting competition, well run as ever and my congratulations to The Bairn. Made me look at form in a completely different way.

    Well done

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    well done to the bairn  and a big thanks to corm for organising it, I enjoyed it.


    non vintage
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    well done the bairn! that was a fantastic last day effort!

    and well done cormack for trying something different and running the comp!    :)

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