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    Our final category in the TRF Hall of Fame series.

    This time it’s your chance to vote for people who have in some way contributed to racing outside of training/riding.

    A pretty long list of nominees so I’ve taken Glenn’s suggestion (and included his tongue in cheek nominations) and increased the number of final recipients from 3 to 5.

    Vote finishes Sunday evening.

    You can vote for 5 individuals and can change your vote if you change your mind as the week goes on.

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    Sir Peter O’Sullevan


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    Has to be Sir Clement Freud for me, loved everything I’ve read from him

    Eclipse First
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    Given the diverse nature of the list, surely Dick Francis warranted a nomination and perhaps more so Edgar Wallace who was known to run off a thriller in 24 hours to settle his gambling debts!

    Bachelors Hall
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    This is such a subjective and ambiguous category to assess. If we were talking strictly in the terms of personality then surely it would be Clement Freud first, the rest nowhere. But seeing as he only has 4 votes so far then I’m guessing the criteria is a little more abstract than that. So I also voted for Dorothy Paget, Matt Chapman, John Francome and Northern Dancer. Dorothy Paget would probably have had the endorsement of Sir Freud and was also bats­hit insane which is a most underrated and misunderstood quality. Matt Chapman strikes me as a "50 nos and 1 yes means yes" kind of character. I doubt very much that I would have the patience to share a room with him for more than 30 seconds but he’s very good at what he’s paid to do which is presumably annoy his guests into submission. For all John Francome is knowledgeable and entertaining, I must say that it’s his voice I like most about him. It is so comforting. He can be making a remark about having a racecourse in Scunthorpe but his tone still emanates the sense that everything’s going to be OK. Finally, I chose Northern Dancer because he was the Wilt Chamberlain of the sport. This Canadian studmuffin must have had an electric personality to have been able to shag more than the remaining candidates combined.

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    My votes went to:

    Phil Bull (No bull about Timeform if he didn’t invent it then it would have been Gingertipster :P )

    The Queen Mum, we could all take a lesson in being humble from her when Devon Loch did the splits. Sadly that was the closest she came to winning the national, but Special Cargo won a few times at Sandown for her.

    Nick Mordin great systems analyst, and worth reading in Weekender, even if you don’t use his systems.

    Sir Peter O’ Sullevan great commentator

    Finally Northern Dancer, who keeps cropping up in great horses pedigrees.

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    Wish I was called Cornelius O’Callaghan, but who is he? Gamble outed at last?

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    I think, from memory Drone, he was nominated as he was one of two fellows who organised the first ever steeplechase. Allegedly!

    From memory, I’ll check later.

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    How do we order these monogrammed ties, and do they come in a range of colours?

    Mr. Pilsen
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    This could be a good choice for a personal TRF tie…

    This tie is 100% guaranteed to show the correct time at least twice a day.

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