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    I’m delighted to highlight the following persons/horses/places as winners of The Racing Forum Awards for 2009. Congratulations to them all, a worthy bunch. (I’ve included the previous winners too for the sake of interest.)

    Good to see Henry Cecil reclaim the ‘Hero of the Year’ crown. Rhys Flint seems still to be the ‘One to Watch’, Richard Hoiles is deposed by Simon Holt in the commentator section while a late rally by James Willoughby sees him share the Journalist title with Greg Wood.

    Paul Nicholls, Sea The Stars and AP McCoy, for his ride on Wichita Lineman, were all very clear winners in their categories. Mick Kinane and Ruby Walsh ensure that no flat of jump jockey has appeared more than once in their respective ‘Jockey of the Year’ list.

    Kauto Star saw off a Hennessey inspired fight by Denman, while John Oxx and Christopher Tsui are rewarded for their bold and successful campaign with Sea The Stars with Flat Trainer and Owner of the Year titles.

    Hot Favourite Nick Luck eventually has to share the Broadcaster of the Year prize with Lydia Hislop while, also on the broadcasting front, the BBC was a fairly convincing winner in the Villain of the Year category.

    Ffos Las was a deserving winner in the Racecourse of the Year award while the big one, the TRF Poster of the Year award was shared between the erudite Drone and the inflammatory Glenn, the result providing, in poetic fashion, proof that we all appreciate the variety of styles that TRF manages to accomodate.

    I’ll try to contact the winners and will post any reaction.

    Thanks to all who voted, great fun once again.

    <b class=”font-size-150″><b>2009 Awards</b></b>

    <b>TRF Poster of the Year</b>
    2007 Graysons Column
    2008 Graysons Column
    2009 Drone/Glenn [/color:1kpf6z7j](joint winners)[/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Horse of the Year </b>
    2007 Kauto Star

    <b>Flat Horse of the Year</b>
    2008 Zarkava
    2009 Sea The Stars[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Jumps Horse of the Year</b>
    2008 Denman
    2009 Kauto Star[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Jockey of the Year </b>
    2007 Seb Sanders

    <b>Flat Jockey of the Year </b>
    2008 Johnny Murtagh
    2009 Mick Kinane[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Jumps Jockey of the Year </b>
    2008 AP McCoy
    2009 Ruby Walsh[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Trainer of the Year</b>
    2007 Paul Nicholls

    <b>Flat Trainer of the Year</b>
    2008 Aidan O’Brien
    2009 John Oxx[/[/color:1kpf6z7j]b]

    Jumps Trainer of the Year[/b:1kpf6z7j]
    2008 Paul Nicholls
    2009 Paul Nicholls[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Hero of the Year</b>
    2007 Henry Cecil
    2008 Anthony Knott
    2009 Henry Cecil[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Riding Performance of the Year</b>
    2007 Ryan Moore on Notnowcato, Sandown 7th July
    2008 Kevin Manning on New Approach – Epsom Derby
    2009 AP McCoy on Wichita Lineman – Cheltenham Festival[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Broadcaster of the Year </b>
    2007 Clare Balding
    2008 Clare Balding
    2009 Nick Luck/Lydia Hislop[/color:1kpf6z7j] (joint winners)[/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>One to watch</b>
    2007 William Buick
    2008 Rhys Flint
    2009 Rhys Flint[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Racecourse of the Year</b>
    2007 Goodwood
    2008 Goodwood
    2009 Ffos Las[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Journalist of the Year</b>
    2007 Lydia Hislop
    2008 Sir Clement Freud
    2009 Greg Wood/James Willoughby[/color:1kpf6z7j] (joint winners)[/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Villain of the Year </b>
    2007 Faceless lawyers chasing Ian Semple
    2008 Dean McKeown
    2009 The BBC[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Owner of the Year</b>
    2007 Clive Smith
    2008 Princess Haya
    2009 Christopher Tsui[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

    <b>Commentator of the Year</b>
    2007 Richard Hoiles
    2008 Richard Hoiles
    2009 Simon Holt[/color:1kpf6z7j][/b:1kpf6z7j]

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    Well done winners, Drone, Glenn, Greg Wood in particular.

    Sadly I fear Glenn will have even more to be inflamed about in 2010, fog machines wont get a look in.

    ricky lakericky lake
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    Glen / Drone well done a great result :D , surely the rabble voted late …… :P

    overall great fun though


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