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Tips on Laying

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    I’m a newcomer to this Laying game, has anybody got any good tips.

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    Don’t lay winners and Don’t eat yellow snow!

    Only messin well you should set yourself a level of between what prices you want to lay consistantly and if u wana lay them on the win or place market. If you want to lay big prices like 100’s ur gonna need a big bank. My own preference is to lay popular trainers that horses are false prices like O Brien and stoute in maidens and especially Stoute handicappers comin outta a maiden win. <br>(Edited by IRSHEYEZ at 10:49 pm on Aug. 27, 2006)<br>

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    Shadow66, trying to make money by laying horses to a zero% margin and paying comm on winnings isn’t exactly easy. If I’m laying one it’s usually beacuase I’m confident that the horse will drift so I’ll lay it with a view to backing it back later. For example, lay £100 at 3.0 (2/1) and back £60 at 3.5 (5/2) – equates to laying £50/£40 (2.25, or 5/4). Fine in theory but often prone to going tits-up when the horse in question collapses.

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