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Tipping Premiership Week 8 results

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    <br>Hi – Despite the weather playing havoc with the day’s racing there were some great matches in the tipping competition this weekend.

    In the Premiership this week Roland failed in his bid to do an Arsenal and maintain an unbeaten record throughout the season. He was mightily unlucky though, selecting no fewer than four runners up as he went down fighting against an in-form Grey Desire. Kevin has now wrapped up second place in this division with a nice treble taking care of Manugirl.

    Manugirl is now hovering near the bottom of the table but may well be safe,  the other four players in the drop zone being scheduled to meet against each other next week ensuring that at least two of them will still be below Manugirl regardless of the outcomes.

    A word in the Premiership review for the day’s top scorer, Johnny B, who nailed a 20/1 winner (Another Native).

    In the Championship Fanciedhorselayer relinquished top spot after his second defeat on the trot. He made a brave bid today with an 11/2 winner but that was not enough to beat Irsheyez who had a 9/2 winner coupled with a 9/4 success to go with it. Irsheyez and Fanciedhorselayer are two of the four players who go into a pulsating final weekend in this league with a chance of winning. The other two are Xanderkir and the new leader Perry, who has edged his way to the top of the pile in workmanlike fashion.

    Perry will be looking over his shoulder though because with Fanciedhorselayer and Xanderkir meeting each other and one of them almost certain to go on to 18 points it seems likely that Perry will have to beat Michael Walsh in his final game to secure the Championship and promotion to the Premiership. That could prove no easy task as MW is bang in form, having recovered from a nightmare start to the season when he lost his first four matches by winning three of his last four. Irsheyez will also fancy his chances if he can beat the relegated  Arnalade in his final game so an exciting final week is in prospect.

    League One looks no less enthralling after a narrow and perhaps fortunate victory for CelticOK over Kingmonkey in what was undoutedly the match of the day. Kingmonkey made an error in his initial post, selecting two runners in the same race which is, of course, against the rules. However he noticed his mistake and corrected it but unfortunately he elected to take out the wrong horse of the pair and removed 9/4 winner Jazz D’Estruval. Had he left him in rather than the other one he’d have beaten CelticOK, who had a solitary 2/1 winner. Bad luck Kingmonkey but that’s the rub of the green I guess.

    The bad news for CelticOK is that he faces a tough assigment next week against a rampant Caravan, who has won four of his last five. Even worse news for the hoops fan is that Jairducochetfan is only two points behind but looks certain to pick up three  next week as he hosts Rory, who has failed to show since week 1, meaning CelticOK must take at least one point off Caravan. With JDCF likely to end up on 20 points it looks like today’s defeat may have put paid to Kingmonkey’s title hopes and also those of Slipperytoad, who continues in great form after winning again to make it five from his last six outings.

    At the other end of the table both Ultimate Nightmare and Rory now have no mathematical chance of staying up so I’m afraid they’ll have to make way for two players who will be promoted from Non-League tipping!



    Racing Daily  2.36 Vs (3.33) Bob Rolf<br>Grey Desire  2.60 Vs (5.00)  Roland<br>LetsGetRacing  (5.00) Vs (3.47)  Alderbrook<br>corma67  (5.00) Vs 16.00  JohnnyB<br>Kevin  2.78 Vs (1.80)  Manugirl


    Aranalade  (5.00) Vs 4.73  Adrian<br>Xanderkir  (0.47) Vs (5.00)  Anne7<br>Perry  (0.08) Vs (1.74)  The Wizard<br>Michael Walsh  (0.08) Vs (5.00)  Cormack15<br>Irsheyez  3.75 Vs 1.50  FanciedHorseLayer

    League One

    Caravan  (3.33) Vs (5.00) Ken1<br>Citygirl  2.00 Vs (5.00)  Rory<br>LRM  (1.75) Vs 6.50  Slipperytoad<br>Ultimate Nightmare  (5.00) Vs 0.50  Jairducochetfan<br>Celtic OK (2.00) Vs (5.00)  Kingmonkey

    League Tables


    21 Roland  13.69 CHAMPION<br>17 Kevin  -17.29 Runner Up<br>_________________________<br>13 JohnnyB  0.49<br>13 Grey Desire  0.01<br>12 Racing Daily  -14.89<br>9 Manugirl  -11.92<br>9 corma67  -16.94<br>8 LetsGetRacing  -22.75<br>________________________<br>7 Bob Rolf  -24.21<br>7 Alderbrook  -24.89


    17 Perry  -3.43<br>15 FanciedHorseLayer  8.7<br>______________________________<br>15 Irsheyez  2.4<br>15 Xanderkir  0.48<br>13 Anne7  -14.16<br>12 The Wizard  -4.13<br>9 Adrian  5.16<br>9 Michael Walsh  -14.73<br>_________________________<br>7 Cormack15  -15.62<br>5 Arnalade  -15.25 Relegated

    League One

    19 Celtic OK  5.16<br>17 Jairducochetfan  -13.89<br>_________________________<br>16 Kingmonkey  21<br>16 Slipperytoad  2.87<br>15 Citygirl  11.75<br>12 Caravan  -17.21<br>8 LRM  -9.88<br>7 Ken1  -17.31<br>__________________________<br>3 Ultimate Nightmare  -30.5 Relegated<br>1 Rory  -40 Relegated


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    Are you a journalist by any chance Cormack15 because you really do put up a good write up every week. Very enjoyable competition you have ran so far cheers. Do you know how many seasons there will be? Is the final week going to be 31st December?

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    Racing Daily
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    I’m a little surprised that my 5 winners from 7 selections (including Another Native) didn’t get mentioned ;)

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    Sorry RD – Yes, a fine performance. I don’t normally check out the results of the reserves unless strictly necessary as it takes so much time just settling the five selections alone.

    Irsheyez – No, I’m not a journalist and if any half decent sub editor had the merest glance over my posts they would surely be able to confirm that to be true!

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    Great work as always Corm!

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    Cheers Cormack!

    Thanks for all of your hard work!

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