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    In an exciting day’s action the competition heated up as the winners flew in, including some at excellent prices.

    League One was where the best of the results were with Citygirl proving top of the pile with the day’s best overall result after posting a 16/1 winner (Midnight Lace) and coupling it with a 5/1 success. LRM got off the mark for the season by finding 14/1 November Handicap winner Come On Jonny, which proved much too good for the winnerless Caravan. Kingmonkey completed the big priced winners in League One with Cardinal Venture (9/1) enabling KM to keep his 100% record. Jairducochetfan and  CelticOK kpt the pressure on Citygirl and KM by recording victories to join them on maximum points. Rory, Ken1 and Caravan have yet to get points on the board but there’s a long way to go.

    While there are four players with maximum points in League One, it is a different story in the Premiership with only Roland able to add a second win and that only narrowly over the winnerless Kevin after Roland had recorded only the fifth best score in the division on the day. Letsgetracing posted the best score in the top league with the 8/1 shot Ordnance Row ensuring 3 points for LGR against Racing Daily. Manugirl, JohnnyB and Grey Desire also won, with GD narrowly accounting for Corma67 who unluckily lost despite finding a 5/1 winner, posting a profit on the day and recording the Jt 3rd best score in the division.

    In the Championship 9 of the 10 players found winners and 6 players recorded a profit. Best score went to The Wizard who found no fewer than 4 winners and beat me fairly comfortably. Perry and Arnalade fought out a draw although both of them will be disappointed to have posted a good profit on the day but still failed to collect all three points. Adrian was another profitable player who went home pointless after coming up against an in-form FanciedHorseLayer. Anne7 joins The Wizard at the top of this division after beating Irsheyez courtesy of Craven’s win at Wincanton. Xanderkir had 3 winners which proved too good for Michael Walsh who unluckily ‘lost’ two selections when Down Royal was abandoned and another when somewhat inexplicably selecting Manorson twice!

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m thoroughly enjoying this competition. I only hope I can notch a win next week before The Wizard and Anne7 draw too far clear in my division. I feel a bit like David Moyes at the minute!

    This weeks results in full –


    JohnnyB  (3.17) Vs (5.00)  Alderbrook<br>Manugirl  1.00 Vs (5.00)  Bob Rolf<br>LetsGetRacing  6.00 Vs (5.00)  Racing Daily<br>Roland  (2.31) Vs (5.00) Kevin<br>corma67  1.00 Vs 1.83  Grey Desire


    Cormack15  (0.75) Vs 3.69  The Wizard<br>FanciedHorseLayer  3.00 Vs 1.00  Adrian<br>Perry  2.25 Vs 2.25  Aranalade<br>Anne7  (3.27) Vs (5.00)  Irsheyez<br>Michael Walsh (3.56) Vs 2.41  Xanderkir

    <br>League One

    Jairducochetfan (3.27) Vs (5.00)  Slipperytoad<br>Kingmonkey  5.00 Vs (3.56)  Ken1<br>LRM  10.00 Vs (5.00)  Caravan<br>Rory  (5.00) Vs 0.48  Celtic OK<br>Ultimate Nightmare  (5.00) Vs 18.00  Citygirl

    <br>And the updated tables –

    Premiership Table

    Pts Player

    6  Roland<br>4  LetsGetRacing<br>3  Bob Rolf<br>3  corma67<br>3  Grey Desire<br>3  JohnnyB<br>3  Manugirl<br>3  Racing Daily<br>____________<br>1  Kevin<br>0  Alderbrook

    <br>Championship Table


    6  Anne7<br>6  The Wizard<br>____________<br>4  Arnalade<br>4  Perry<br>3  Adrian<br>3  FanciedHorseLayer<br>3  Xanderkir<br>0  Irsheyez<br>______________<br>0  Cormack15<br>0  Michael Walsh

    <br>League One Table


    6  Celtic OK<br>6  Citygirl<br>____________<br>6  Jairducochetfan<br>6  Kingmonkey<br>3  LRM<br>1  Slipperytoad<br>1  Ultimate Nightmare<br>0  Caravan<br>_____________<br>0  Ken1<br>0  Rory<br>

    (Edited by cormack15 at 2:03 am on Nov. 6, 2005)

    The Wizard
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    Crunch match next weekend in the Championship, with Anne7 versus The Wizard. I shall be buffing my crystal ball in anticipation!

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    Don’t be rubbing those balls too vigourously Wizard.

    The Wizard
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    Cormack – I agree, it might have an adverse impact on my wand!

    Andrew Hughes
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    An excellent competition this, thanks for organising it

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    great comp corm, thanks for the hard work.

    only 1 way for me to go now, and thats DOWN.<br>though this week i’d like to thank kevin for not turning up and offering me an open goal so to speak.

    cheers again corm!!

    Racing Daily
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    It is a fun competition.  I too am enjoying it.<br>I will in the future try to remember to post my selections, and not post up 7 duffers selected in a 5 min emergency rampage thru the cards for the last 7 races of the day ;)<br>If I had remembered any later, i’d have ended up having to resort to the Wolves card … YUCK! LOL

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    Roland – you did win on merit this week because Kevin did make selections which were posted on his behalf on the thread by Muarice as Kevin was away.

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    Please, Please, Pleeeeeease,

    can I borrow a lucky pin from someone, anyone,

    even a rusty one might be of use

    I can give it a good home….Ta very much, and by the way,

    is it possible to remove Saturdays from the racing calendar

    Michael Walsh
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    On reflection i can only say – OOPS :biggrin:

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    All the best Roland mate!

    I was in Skye for the weekend and a quick glance at the Daily Record (not on sale till at 11:30am) was not good enough. Thanks to Maurice for posting my cringingly bad selections although I think Heaven’s Above @ 10/1 (very badly drawn as it turns out) will skate up next time. Very unlucky in my book,

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    Quote: from The Wizard on 12:08 am on Nov. 6, 2005[br]Crunch match next weekend in the Championship, with Anne7 versus The Wizard. I shall be buffing my crystal ball in anticipation!<br>

    Aint tryin too knock you Anne7 but you beat me with an 8/11 winner but i was never destined to win when Down Royal was abandoned because i had Beef or Salmon and Forget The Past and i had Early Start who was going very well in 3rd when she broke down. Best of luck to every1 all the same and i am really enjoyin this all the respect and credit to you CORMACK15.

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    Mourinho-esque post from Irsheyez! Nothing like a bit of needle.

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