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    Hi – welcome to Week 1 of the Tipping Premiership. Following the pre-season activity all the players have now been assigned a league and we are now ready to begin the action proper.

    Each Saturday every player makes 5 selections plus at least 2 reserves (more reserves if you wish). They then go head to head against a different player each week with the object being to perform better than their opponent, as judged by their level stakes profit/loss.

    The winner will be awarded 3 points, the loser none. In the event of a draw both players will be awarded 1 point each.

    Selection rules are the same as for the pre-season weeks but please note that this weekends Breeders Cup series WILL COUNT for the competition.

    So, any questions let me know. In the meantime please post your week 1 selections below and good luck to everyone.

    Week 1 fixtures


    Racing Daily-Vs-JohnnyB<br>Manugirl-Vs-Roland<br>LetsGetRacing-Vs-Kevin<br>corma67-Vs-Alderbrook<br>Bob Rolf-Vs-Grey Desire<br>  <br>Championship

    Aranalade-Vs-Cormack15<br>FanciedHorseLayer-Vs-Anne7<br>Perry-Vs-Irsheyez<br>Michael Walsh-Vs-The Wizard<br>Adrian-Vs-Xanderkir

    <br>League One

    Caravan-Vs-Jairducochetfan<br>Kingmonkey-Vs-Rory<br>LRM-Vs-Celtic OK<br>Ultimate Nightmare-Vs-Slipperytoad<br>Ken1-Vs-Citygirl<br>

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    Apologies for posting so early, as I appreciate I may get a few NR’s (hence 5 reserves!!!).  I am away for the weekend from Thursday so I have to post early.  Corm said this would be OK.  I’ve chosen one likely runner in the Charlie Hall and 4 Breeders Cup selections in order to try and ensure I get some runners!

    3.25 W Grey Abbey<br>6.20 B Adieu<br>7.35 B Film Maker<br>8.45 B Singletary<br>9.20 B Ashado

    R1 – 2.05 L Armaturk<br>R2 – 3.10 N Polar Ben<br>R3 – 2.20 W Ladalko<br>R4 – 2.45 N Austrian<br>R5 – 4.55 N High Bray

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    Quick note regarding Brreders Cup.

    Prices used to calculate winnnings will be American dividends NOT British bookies trade prices. In the event that your horse is coupled with another for betting purposes you will only be granted a winner if your named horse wins. Hope that’s clear. If not let me know.

    Racing Daily
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    So, if you pick one of two that are coupled you would get ‘paid out’ at only the coupled odds ie. if horse 1 and 1a are coupled, you choose horse 1a only but get paid out at the odds for both coupled?<br>It might be worth avoiding coupled horses altogether if that is the case.  I wouldn’t wanna get paid at 1.1 for a 3/1 shot coupled with a 4/7 shot.  Just clarifying here :)

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    If two horses are coupled there is only one price available about them as a pair, one reflecting both of their chances combined. But if you back horse 1a, and horse 1 wins, you still hold a winning ticket.

    As such, I think tipping a coupled winner, whether the actual horse stated wins or not, should be counted. The tip, after all, would yield a return.

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    Keeping it simple –


    OK – I agree then – coupled horses will be settled as per the returns from America.

    If your named horse is coupled with others for betting purposes then you are on them all and get paid out, for the competition purposes, at the ‘official’ American returns.

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    Sumptuous 1.30 Newmarket<br>Le Corvee 1.45 Wetherby<br>Monte Vista 2.15 Lingfield<br>Cobbet 2.45 Lingfield<br>Tees Components 2.50 Wetherby

    Kingscliff 3.25 Wetherby (R1)<br>Private Vow 6.55 Belmont (R2)

    Grey Desire
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    Grey Abbey 3.25 Weth<br>Bob Bob Bobbin 2.15 Ling<br>Sabrina Brown 4.55 New<br>Bahamian Bay 1.35 South<br>Le Corvee 1.45 Weth

    Steel Blue 7.20 Wol<br>Genre 2.05 New

    Michael Walsh
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    Dr Cerullo 1:40 Lingfield<br>Keen Leader 3:25 Wetherby<br>Ouija Board 7:35 Belmont<br>Ace 9:55 Belmont<br>Snowy Ford 3:55 Lingfield

    Reserves<br>Carthalawn 2:30 Naas<br>Banker Count 2:20 Wetherby

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    11.00 W Pips Baby<br>1.00 W Polesworth<br>12.55 N Cousteau<br>3.25 We Kingscliff<br>7.20 Wol Steel Blue

    <br>reserves<br>3.10 n Babodana<br>1.35 W Secret Vision

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    Perry before any arguements you obviously mean:

    11.00 Southwell: Pips Baby

    1.00 Southwell: Poleworth

    Reserve 1.35 Soutwell: Secret Vision

    because you wrote 11.00 w 1.00 w and 1.35 w<br>and there is wolverhampton meeting tomorrow night.

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    12.00 Southwell: Romil Star

    1.40 Lingfield: Quarrymount

    3.25 Wetherby: Keen Leader

    4.20 Newmarket: Olympian Odyssey

    9.55 Belmont: Bago

    Reserve 1: 2.50 Wetherby: Brewster

    Reserve 2: 7.35 Belmont: Megahertz

    Reserve 3: 8.45 Belmont: Whipper

    Reserve 4: 6.45 Wolverhampton: Foreplay

    Reserve 5: 5.10 Wetherby: Better Days

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    Just to confirm that there are not any couplings in Breeders’  Cup races – they stopped doing that a few years ago.

    I’m going to make all my selections at Belmont Park although the Charlie Hall sounds tempting from here!

    Juvenile   First Samurai<br>Filly and Mare Turf  Wonder Again<br>Sprint      Lost in the Fog<br>Mile         Whipper<br>Turf         Shirocco

    Reserve – Borrego in the Classic.<br>

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    <br> Dabbers Ridge  4.55 Newmkt.<br> Granston  3.45 Newmkt.<br> Scotland The Brave  4.10 Ayr.<br> Orinocovsky  4.30 Ling.<br> Ionian Spring  8.30 Wolvs.

    Jack High  4.30 Naas.<br> Starcraft  10.35 Belmont Pk.

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    2.35 newmarket BUNOOD<br>3.45 newmarket ST PETERSBURG<br>2.45 lingfield ARMATURK<br>4.10 ayr LINDA GREEN<br>4.35 wetherby YOUR ADVANTAGE

    Res #1… 7.20 wolverhampton EXTREMELY RARE<br>Res #2… 8.30 wolverhampton DEL MAR SUNSET

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