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Timmy Murphy on Kalahari King

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    I had almost been tempted into backing Kalahari King when he hit 4/1 against a ludicrously short Striking Article in the 4.05 at Newcastle (his form didn’t warrant an SP of 11/8 no matter how you looked at it), and I’d be feeling pretty sick if I hadn’t thought better of it.

    Timmy Murphy cantered to the final flight, sticking to the far side rail, without seemingly noticing that the under pressure Riguez Dancer had stormed through on the stand’s side and had established a 2-3l lead. Only after clearing the last did Timmy, ever the cocky bugger, decide to reach for the whip – the horse staying on strongly to be done by a neck.

    When will jockeys learn to establish a lead before they try their tricks, rather than sitting motionless for 98% of the race only to be beaten by their own poor judgement by something on the other side of the track?

    I would hope that he’d get some sort of ban for the ride, but given that he did put some effort in after the last (and that he’s Timmy Murphy) it probably won’t happen.

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    I would have thought Timmy Murphy is one jockey who wouldn’t get any favours from the stewards.

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    It should’nt make a damn difference who the jockey is …if he deserves a ban then he/she should get one …imo

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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