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    I sat last night thinking (this is a very dangerous thing for me to do :o ) about the things that have changed in this united kingdom of ours, during my lifetime of some 50+ years and wether the changes were good or bad IMO. I will start with a few what are other forumites experiences/thoughts.

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    The police: used to be local, clip yer ear, not scared, notebook.

    Now, centralised, scared of being sued, rarely seen solo, ten tons of paperwork.

    IMO the police now have too much paperwork, are not respected and have lost touch with the communities they are policing.

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    The disappearance of British made goods like motorcycles, tools, TV’s, radios. Remember when we used to laugh at Japanese goods.

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    The police cannot be respected at the moment when all they do is collect the new motorist tax for the goverment, why tackle a real crime when you can catch a few motorist doing 3mph too much at £60 a go!

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    The area that I was born into was full of collieries, waste tips and a black river(suspended coal particles).

    Now there are no collieries(no local jobs), the waste tips have been removed or they have greened over and we have heron, dippers and hundreds of mallards on the river.


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    Haven’t seen a milk bottle for years.

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    I think the "Eurovision" episode has turned out to be quite prophetic as the songs we send don’t even qualify for the main competiton these days.

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    I haven’t seen a manual settler in decades…..

    More seriously, living in a small town in the North seems nowhere near so depressing now as it did 10 or 20 years ago. Your friends are only the click of a mouse away.

    Failing that, you can always have an argument with someone on TRF instead.

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    I had a meal at the weekend which involved Rocket, goats’ cheese, hummus and sun-dried tomaotoes, none of which would have been readily available in the Britain of the 1970s or 1980s, or even probably the early 1990s.

    Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’ll leave it to you to decide…….

    lollys mate
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    Reading the papers today, I spotted a piece about what people loved about England.

    It got me thinking and I wondered what you lot thought.

    Heres my favorites.

    The history. Its the best in the world.<br> The olde bobby on the beat. (Where did he go?)<br> Cup of tea out of a bone china tea pot.<br> Bangers and mash, and the full English.<br> Chelsea pensioners.<br> Pomp and ceremony.<br> Real ale. (not too warm though).<br> William Webb Ellis.<br> William Shakespear and Churchill.<br> The stiff upper lip.<br> Chicken korma.

    The dont likes;

    Potitical correctness. <br> Weather.<br> London 1990 and onwards.<br> Rising crime.<br> Weak politicians.<br> The premiership. (footballs going down)<br> Public transport and its staff.<br> Lack of politeness in shops and everyday life.<br> Harrow.<br> Uncontrolled imigration.<br> Not being able to say what you want to whom you want.<br> Call centre staff that you cannot understand.

    Well that will do for now.

    Any others?<br> <br>

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    lol @ PS

    Me too!

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    I agree with most of your likes L. M.

    Would add one  thing to what I like about England.<br>Our tolerance of the Scots!<br> <br>And one other thing I don’t like about England.<br>It’s ban on fox-hunting with dogs.

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    The history. Its the best in the world. <br>The olde bobby on the beat. (Where did he go?) <br>Cup of tea out of a bone china tea pot. <br>Bangers and mash, and the full English. <br>Chelsea pensioners. <br>Pomp and ceremony. <br>Real ale. (not too warm though). <br>William Webb Ellis. <br>William Shakespear and Churchill. <br>The stiff upper lip. <br>Chicken korma.

    me senseless.

    Let’s sum up this list:

    "The best things about England:

    things that don’t exist anymore<br>s**t
    e food<br>s**t
    e drink<br>foreign food"

    me, if that’s the best things going for England, what a s**t


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    George Galloway is a sweaty sock, so that might make you feel better.

    Irish Stamp
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    Blackpool – always go there once a year, back in the day people went for a fortnight at a time but now it just rains, still it is British.

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