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    First of all:  Sorry for my bad English Dudes ;)

    Ok guys, what kind of people carry the bags filled with bucks away from Racing Course ?  Right!  The betting Newbies!  Never seen form, never seen Racing Post, never seen a well breeded Horse.  The Guys just gambling mum`s Birthday or their number of children at home.<br>Reading forms, Reading columns, Speaking with the Horse.. ( :biggrin:  ) , its all worthless when the Race started.<br>So whats the Secret of Winning Cash with Horse Races ?<br>There is no Secret, but there is some difference between good gamblers and bad gamblers:<br>The good Gambler put his Money  only in 1-2 Races/Location and he doesnt try to get the Monay back in last Races at the same day if he lose.<br>The bad Gambler bet in every Race, and raises his bets when he lose. If he win he also raises bets, cause he is a happy winner.

    But dont understand it wrong, a good better has +-0 or little +,  there is no way to earn tons of money, just cause knowing all about Horseraces.

    If u wanna win tons of money u have to be NEWBIE, but its too late for us :cheesy: ;)

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    An interesting post GermanGuy, certainly in some of the H’cap races it seems like every horse gets its turn sometimes. I know also that I grind my teeth with frustration when I’ve studied a race long & hard only for my wife to say " Thats a pretty name, put me a pound on that one" and to see it not always win but nearly always beat mine.

    But on the whole I have to say that if you are going to gamble or fish or play pool or sing or any other damn thing then do it the best you can.

    Good luck

    Nick Hatton
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    Reminds me of taking a girlfriend to Lingfield a few years back. I had my best bet of the season planned and placed my biggest ever bet. She had never been Racing before and put £5 on the tote on a different horse in the same race.

    There was a photo finish between our two horses and I don’t need to tell you which one of us had backed the winner !  :banghead:

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    Something similiar at my first Racing Course Visit in Krefeld/Germany. I was 14 years old, knew nothing about horseraces…but..first bet, 20/1  winner :cheesy: :cool:

    william winalot
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    The secret of Big Cash Winning is just that.

    A…S E C R E T.


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    Hi germanGuy,

    most people who get the racing bug and get hooked are people like you and I who had winning bets as their first bets – mine was a 33-1 place win that I picked after I asked a mate to say a word – any word – he said ‘ruler’ and the only horse that was close was misrule – it came 4th at 33-1 and I suddenly realised that I could win money for little or no effort – which turned out to be the biggest lie in the universe because racing is one of the only pursuits I know where you can spend hours studying a race – think you have got the winner – place a bet of hard earned cash – and then watch your horse trail in a sorry last having missed the kick at the start of the race – with no-one to blame or complain to or anything – just an empty feeling and less cash.

    Of course when you get it right you not only feel great that you picked the winner but you get paid aswell – nothing better (except sex!!).

    You got it just right when you said that succesful gamblers win a little at a time – in my experience the more quickly you try to win your money the less likely you will win at all!!!

    good luck…

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