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    I’m not sure how many of you are aware of this gentleman Stephen Power. He is basically all over racing social media.

    He started out as a (dreadful) tipster doing video output which collected him an enthusiastic following of lads keen to tell him what a “****” he was everytime his seemingly-always long odds-on tip lost. He would download video of himself watching these catastrophes live, performatively head in hands in despair.

    He then began seemingly to just blag his way into various parade-rings and winners’ enclosures around the country armed with a selfie-stick and doorstepping trainers, jockeys and any other connections, uploading this within minutes to Twitter. This gained him a perhaps more mature following although a number of people in the media began to show clear antipathy towards him. Not least of these was everyone’s favourite poundshop-philosopher, Dave Yeats, who has consistently railed against Power’s lack of accreditation and general hutzpah, insisting that these sort of shenanigans are bad for racing.

    Maybe he has a point. Some of Power’s ‘associates’ who have featured on his channel are people one would generally travel great distances to avoid. Furthermore, like most social-media tipsters, he has deleted losing bets, exaggerated winning ones and apparently always gets 3-1 about every even-money shot he backs. As he appears to have tie-ups with a couple of bookmakers and has enjoyed a number of overseas jaunts, some have also asked questions about exactly who is funding him, although I’m not sure that that’s anyone’s business but his own. There have also been implications that he is just using racing for some nefarious purposes, having apparently had no interest in the sport until a few years back.

    However, one can hardly fault his current enthusiasm, he does get genuine racing fans engaging with him and although he can come over as a bit of a tit at times I’d have him on the ‘good for racing’ side of the ledger. Just.


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    ‘Twas ever thus. Just that these people used to advertise in the Sporting Chronicle Handicap Book in my younger days, then it was premium rate phone lines, now it’s on line tipping sites.

    As ever it’s best to investigate the form and do your own work, even if using trends/angles to narrow down the field if time is limited.

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    I’d put him just on the ‘bad for racing’ column without being as anti-Bloggsy as Dave Yates. Have personally just blocked him and let him do his thing, but seems like he still gets onto the timeline secondhand. There is even a ‘Racing Spy’ account who calls out all the shady antics.

    I’m just a bit uneasy about his character: the way he shuts down any (justified) criticism, exaggerates, outright lies at times. He’s charismatic and has created some buzz around racing, but is that a good thing? Someone who just goes ‘all-in’ on high-profile horses at short prices and has a very emotional irrational approach to his betting. Especially when he is funded by bookmakers and national racing bodies. He’ll have a lot of vulnerable followers, young people without a great understanding or a strong grip on their gambling. I think he’s a dangerous influence.

    I went to Sandown for Brigadier Gerard night a couple of years ago and found myself within a few yards of Power by the parade ring before each race. I found it amazing how he was mobbed by wide boys hanging on his every word all evening, felt like genuine fans rather than friends or an entourage.

    Also: Trade Descriptions Act? The guy never actually blogs. The Racing Vlogger maybe.

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