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    What level of form did Well Chief run to last time? If it still has all of its ability it will win, but can we be sure of that or should we oppose it until it proves it does retain its ability? Newmill may not run in this, Ashley Brook was readily brushed aside last time and Monet’s Garden would surely need to up his game. Any thoughts? I have voted for Voy Por Ustedes more out of hope then expectation.

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    VPU very weak on Betfair at the moment. Well Chief is undoubtedly the most likely winner, but hard to assess the Game Spirit form accurately.

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    Possibly Newmill aside, I’m not conviced that Well Chief would need to retain all his ability to beat these.

    voy Por Ustedes – Only just beat Monets Garden, in reciept of 5lbs last year, and I have reservations about what he has actually achieved this season.<br>Monets Garden – possibly wants a bit further than 2, with the Ryanair a possible.<br>Foreman – not good enough imo, not getting any younger.<br>Oneway – exposed as well short of this.<br>Ashley Brook – possibly get further.

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    if the ground were genuinely heavy, this would be a two horse race between well chief who is a super horse and nickname who seems to handle conditions superbly.  id go for well chief.


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    I think this is trappy. Between four horses for me Well Chief, Voy Por Ustedes, Newmill and Nickname.

    Well Chief on his form of a couple of years ago couldn’t be opposed but whilst he still retains plenty of ability I couldn’t hand on heart say I know for certain that he retains it all.

    Put a gun to my head and I’d probably choose Nickname but I won’t be getting involved in this race will just sit back and enjoy.

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    i always prefer to back horses with at least a cheltenham win in this partuicular race, and with nickname never traveling across to britain, let alone jumping a cheltenham fence i think he is now too short in the betting, though i’m inclined to think the irish will send him off even shorter come the day.

    Well chief is definitely my idea of the easy winner come the day and with the excellent record of arkle winners inthis race VPU must be guaranteed a place.

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    6 year olds don’t win the Champion Chase.

    Rules out VPU.

    Three runner race, Well Chief would beat Newmill on any ground, but Nickname?

    What has he achieved in winning all these heavy ground, small field races? :cool:

    The major difference between festival races and races pretty much anywhere else is that on the whole they run at a very fast pace. This is why the heavy ground plodders get taken off their feet early and never really land a blow.

    Only Well Chief in this race. If he doesn’t bounce he wins.

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    Can’t believe that the Game Spirit can be taken at face value.  Still think that Chief wasn’t going THAT well turning for the cross fence and that by early in the straight Ashley Brook was exhausted.

    Newmill the one.

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    Well Chief was far too impressive on his comeback to ignore.  Probably one of the best , if not THE best horse racing at the festival this year.

    Except for Ballycassidy of course.  I’ll always love Bally more than anything.  :biggrin:

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    Well Chief will win, Sporazene will run into a place

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    If the going is heavy Nickname will carry the other two up the hil! ;)

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    Agree, nore. Even soft.

    Well, heck, I hope so.

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    Quote: from Danny on 4:24 pm on Mar. 7, 2007[br]Well Chief will win, Sporazene will run into a place<br>

    <br>Thought I’d say it before DJ does ( I can read minds lol) Sporazene won’t make the frame if he starts now.

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    Newmill or Well Chief, Its as simple as that in my opinion. If WC is back to his best then he’s the pick. If slightly below his old form then he’ll have a battle on his hands and it should be a great race. Nickname to finish 3rd.

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    The term "hack" and "canter" will be used to describe Well Chief’s win….he is so far ahead of this bunch only an error can stop him winning.

    Newmill is a decent horse and will probably take second where as Nickname has been beating feck all in Ireland and will be doing well for a place.

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